/Bouches-du-Rhône: 80% of rats and mice subjected to atmospheric pollutants present in Fos-sur-Mer fall ill
Bouches Du Rhône: 80% Of Rats And Mice Subjected To Atmospheric Pollutants

Bouches-du-Rhône: 80% of rats and mice subjected to atmospheric pollutants present in Fos-sur-Mer fall ill

A study conducted by a CNRS researcher claims that the air around the city of Fos-sur-Mer causes diseases such as diabetes.

The industrial zone of Fos-sur-Mer seen from the houses.  (CLEMENT MAHOUDEAU / MAXPPP)

80% of mice and rats subjected to a mixture of ultra fine particles present in the city of Fos-sur-Mer (Bouches-du-Rhône) became obese, cardiac and diabetic in just a few weeks, France Bleu reported on Tuesday 5 February Provence.

These results come from an experiment conducted by a CNRS researcher in Marseille. The goal: to show that the polluted atmosphere of Fos-sur-Mer causes disease. For the past ten years, the researcher has been studying the consequences of air pollution on health. And the conclusions of his latest experiment are worrying.

Cancer risks in just a few weeks

For several months, Sylvia Piétri made rats and mice breathe an air comparable to that of the city of Fos-sur-Mer. In a glass cage, the animals were aerosolized for one hour a day with a cocktail of particles of hydrocarbons, benzene, dioxin and combustion products such as methoxyphenols. Products that the inhabitants breathe all day long because of the proximity to the industrial zone. “From the third month, the rats developed glucose intolerance and heart dysfunction”, says Sylvia Piétri, before adding “We have found dysfunctions in the liver and brain, which can cause cancer”.

According to the researcher, the more young animals are exposed to these pollutants, the greater the consequences on their health: “And yet, rats and mice only breathed this polluted air for an hour a day. The inhabitants of Fos live in this atmosphere all day long ”, specifies the researcher who sits on the scientific council of the Ecocitoyen Institute, created in 2010 in Fos-sur-Mer to study the pollutants present in the industrial zone.

Twice as many asthma and diabetes as elsewhere in France

Its results will therefore reinforce the concerns of associations and residents at the origin of a complaint against X filed in November 2018 for “endangering the lives of others”. In 2010, the department’s health watch institute noted an exceptional number of hospitalizations for acute leukemia and cardiovascular diseases, to the west of the Etang de Berre. At the start of 2017, the Fos Epseal study showed that there were twice as many cancers, asthma and diabetes as elsewhere in France. However, no causal link has been established between these diseases and industrial pollution.