/Cigarette sales fell 9.32% in 2018
Cigarette Sales Fell 9.32% In 2018

Cigarette sales fell 9.32% in 2018

This decline follows the price hike last March, and more broadly the public anti-smoking policy.

This decline follows the price hike last March, and more broadly the public anti-smoking policy.

This drop attests to the decline in cigarette consumption. Indeed, contraband sales only represent “4 to 5% of consumption”In France, According to Professor Dautzenberg, pulmonologist at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital. 40.23 billion cigarettes were delivered to tobacconists in France during the year 2018. In 2017, Logista, supplier of almost all tobacconists, 44.36 billion cigarettes had reached the tobacconists. Specialists are delighted with this figure, which follows successive annual declines, probably linked to various anti-smoking policies.

Successive declines

In 2017, cigarette sales fell by 1.48%, after a drop of 1.2% in 2016. Since 2009, there have been successive declines, except for 2015, which recorded an increase. of 1% of sales. Roll-your-own tobacco, more popular with young people, saw its sales decrease by 9.40% in 2018, after a reduction of 5.66% the previous year. More generally, the sale of items containing tobacco (cigarettes, roll-your-own tobacco, cigars and chewing tobacco) are down 9.15%.

The increase in the price of cigarette packs deemed effective

For many specialists, this decrease is mainly due to the increase of one euro in the price of a packet of cigarettes applied since 1is mars 2018. “It’s a public health policy that works, it will save thousands of lives, it’s important“, Congratulated AFP Bertrand Dautzenberg. This measure has “motivated many people to quit smoking: price has become a factor in stopping smoking again, as smoking a pack a day now costs 240 euros per month“, He argued. This price increase will not be the last: the government has planned successive increases to reach, by November 2020, a price of 10 euros per pack of 20 cigarettes.

A more comprehensive anti-smoking policy

According to the specialist, “the other measures of the national tobacco control program, such as the neutral package, which has a major impact on young people“Have also made it possible to reduce the consumption of cigarettes, in particular by withdrawing from cigarettes its side”glamour“. In addition to the neutral package, various measures are part of this anti-smoking policy: the Month without tobacco, or the reimbursement of nicotine substitutes (chewing gum, patches, lozenges). Prescriptions for these treatments jumped 75% between March and September, according to Health Insurance.