/Decline in electronic cigarette sales: “A market correction after a fashion phase”
Decline In Electronic Cigarette Sales: “a Market Correction After A

Decline in electronic cigarette sales: “A market correction after a fashion phase”

According to Bernard Basset, Vice-President of the National Association for the Prevention of Alcohol and Addiction, “There is no longer the attraction of novelty”.

Illsutration, electoral cigarette.  (DOMINIQUE FAGET / AFP)

The French electronic cigarette industry is suffering from a drop in activity of around 25% to 30%, the company Kumulus Vape, one of the major players in the sector, said on Monday, September 30. This decline comes as vaping is blamed in the United States where 805 cases of lung diseases related to electronic cigarettes have been identified in the country.

According to Bernard Basset, vice-president of the National Association for Prevention in Alcoholology and Addictology (ANPAA), interviewed Tuesday, October 1 on franceinfo, “There is a market correction, after a phase of fashion, there is a phase of wisdom and more reasoned use”.

franceinfo: In France, we do not have official figures on diseases or fatal cases. Are we really trying to find out today?

Bernard Basset : I think the product is under surveillance and under the control of health agencies, like all products that affect health. We don’t have a case in Europe. In the United States, the terms of use are quite different. In France, vaping is considered as a means of helping to quit smoking because tobacco has an appalling toll: one in two people dies from it. In the United States, there is a much less regulated market and partly fun use. After a fashion phase, there is a market correction, a phase of wisdom and more reasoned use. There was a promotion of vaping of a variety of products, especially among young people who have never smoked: a young population was made dependent on nicotine when they were not.

In the minds of the general public, is the electronic cigarette no longer necessarily the miracle solution today?

After a phrase of enthusiasm, which is linked to the appearance of a new product where we can think that this is what will get rid of tobacco forever, there is a stabilization of opinion. There is no longer the attraction of novelty. There are economic factors.

Vaping is still a gesture that is not trivial: it is inhaling substances

There is an inhalation of substances but compared to cigarettes where we inhale combustion products, that is to say tars, carbon monoxide which are extremely destructive for the lung tissues and cause respiratory insufficiency , heart problems or cancer, vaping does not make you inhale these products. So the position of practitioners was pragmatic in France: compared to an appalling risk, vaping provides an undeniable benefit. It’s all about the benefits and risks, and vaping is infinitely less dangerous than tobacco. For now, there is no panic and change of apprehension of the product. It is a product that is still under surveillance by the French authorities, like all everyday consumer products that are used.