/Disfigured by cancer, American retiree ordered to leave restaurant
Disfigured By Cancer, American Retiree Ordered To Leave Restaurant

Disfigured by cancer, American retiree ordered to leave restaurant

A 65-year-old American was kicked out of a restaurant on the grounds that the serious after-effects of his facial cancer could upset other customers. Her daughter has stepped up to the plate on Facebook for her father whom she considers discriminated against.

Disfigured by cancer, an American retiree is ordered to leave a restaurant (credit: Facebook.com/Brandy Evans)

Hide from me this cancer that I cannot see. Kirby Evans, a 65-year-old American, survived severe skin cancer but suffered severe facial damage. It has a hole in place of the nose, and its left eye socket is empty. Due to lack of funds, he was unable to benefit from reconstructive surgery. He now has to face a daily ordeal: the gaze of others. A painful anecdote was reported by his daughter, sad and revolted, on social networks.

Hide your face or leave the premises

On October 8, Kirby goes to a Forks Pit Stop gas station and restaurant in South Carolina to purchase a packet of Donuts and a drink. As he is about to sit down at a table to eat, he is stopped by the owner of the establishment. She grabs him by the shirt and leads him into his office. “If you wanted to eat there, you would have had to cover your face“, The manager would have told him. She then gives him the choice: either to cover himself or to leave the place ”so as not to frighten other customers ”.

“My father was discriminated against”

The retiree’s daughter, apparently very hurt by the way he was treated, did not want to “let go” of the affront and recounted the story on her Facebook page, with a photo of the restaurant sign and another from the indelicate manager. “My father was discriminated against because of his appearance. He’s the strongest man I know, but when he told me what happened to him, I saw his tears fall. It hurt to see him hurt like this, mostly because of something he can’t changeShe wrote.

Her daughter takes sides with the owner of the gas station to explain to her that not only does her father not have to hide his face, but also that is impossible for him. “For your information, my dad cannot cover his face or use an eye patch. Nothing should rub on this area. ” She also advises the woman who has rejected her father to “To fall on my knees” and of “To pray not to be struck by cancer”Who, him, “Do not discriminate”.

Surge of generosity

An online fundraiser has also been launched to help Kirby Evans finance surgeries that would allow him to partially repair his face. She has raised for the moment a little more than 78,000 dollars (that is to say a little more than 68,000 euros).