/Essure contraceptive implants: “I was not informed enough”, testifies a complainant
Essure Contraceptive Implants: “i Was Not Informed Enough”, Testifies A

Essure contraceptive implants: “I was not informed enough”, testifies a complainant

Essure definitive contraceptive implants are said to be the cause of “dramatic” side effects. This is argued by two French women who are launching a lawsuit against the manufacturer Bayer. One of them testifies on franceinfo.

A definitive Essure contraceptive implant, manufactured by the Bayer laboratory.  (SCREENSHOT / THE ESSURE PROCEDURE / BAYER)

They complain about side effects “Dramatic”. Two French women are taking legal action against Bayer, the German manufacturer of permanent contraceptive implants Essure. One of them is Marielle Klein. She claims to be a victim of side effects following the placement of these implants. She testifies Friday, December 9 on franceinfo.

franceinfo: Have you been alerted to any risks associated with these implants?

Marielle Klein : Not at all, because this gynecologist did not place the implants. She referred me to a surgeon who used this method. The interview lasted a few minutes. I explained that I had five children, that I had been told about the Essure method and that I wanted to access this process. He said to me: “Ok, we let the five month cooling off period pass. And then you come. ‘ I was not sufficiently informed.

What effects did you feel?

After a year, I started to have dizziness, as well as recurring sinusitis concerns that could not be treated. Then my cycles became hemorrhagic. Added to this were intestinal inflammation, heart palpitations, ENT disorders… I ended up developing neurological disorders. After a while, after having eliminated everything, I told myself that everything had started after the placement of Essure implants.

You had the implants removed at the beginning of 2016. Have you noticed any changes?

The very day of the operation, a veil was lifted from my body. In the first three months, I felt a marked improvement. Today, I am strong enough to come to the aid of these women who, I think, are in pain and do not understand that no explanation is given for their ailments. Today, I ask that Bayer finance and participate in the expertise to which I would like to be submitted, in order to see if the implants are indeed the cause of all these ailments that I describe.