/Get the flu shot now? Too late, according to some specialists
Get The Flu Shot Now? Too Late, According To Some

Get the flu shot now? Too late, according to some specialists

While Marisol Touraine called on Franceinfo on Wednesday for the French to be vaccinated to cope with the flu epidemic that began on Monday, some specialists say that it is now too late for prevention to be effective.

The injection needs 15 days or three weeks to be fully effective (LEFEBVRE / MAXPPP)

Particularly virulent this year, the flu epidemic invites itself for the end of year celebrations. The strain, type H3N2, is dangerous for the elderly, while since Monday, the whole of France has been affected. Faced with this start of a spectacular epidemic, the Minister of Health, Marisol Touraine, called on Wednesday December 21 on franceinfo for the French to be vaccinated: “There is still time, until the end of January”, she asserted.

Some specialists do not share this opinion, because an influenza epidemic usually lasts five to ten weeks. That of this winter having started on Monday, we can predict that the epidemic peak will be reached within two weeks or three weeks. However, the vaccine, once injected, will take precisely this time to be effective. In the meantime, the vaccinated are not protected against the virus.

A vaccine now will only be effective in the event of a very long epidemic

“Vaccination must be done before the flu epidemic, explains virologist Bruno Lina. Those who didn’t have missed the perfect window for shooting. And they are at risk of getting infected. ” There is obviously nothing to prevent getting vaccinated now, especially if the epidemic lasts beyond five weeks – which however seems unlikely. “If we get vaccinated now, continues Bruno Lina, and that the epidemic lasts eleven weeks, we will potentially be protected for seven weeks. If, on the other hand, it lasts four weeks, we will be protected once the epidemic is over. ”

If vaccination is never useless in the long term, the best way to protect yourself from the virus in the next few days is to wash your hands and avoid contact with people with the flu as much as possible. For those who are already vaccinated, this year’s injection guarantees close to 70% protection.