/How to stay beautiful despite breast cancer?

How to stay beautiful despite breast cancer?

This Monday October 1st begins the 25th edition of Pink October. Like every year, Pink October, the mobilization campaign for the fight against breast cancer has seen many initiatives flourish. Today, the Health Magazine reveals some of them thanks to our journalist Setti Dali.

Beauty workshops

Beauty workshops are aimed at women who suffer from breast cancer. In this ordeal, we think above all about saving our life. But it is also important to remain a woman. At the end of the treatment, it is often difficult to regain your femininity, so there is nothing futile about these beauty workshops. We unify the complexion, we redraw the eyebrows, we put on a new hair… These workshops are free, anonymous and take place at the hospital. For the month of October, these workshops are open to the public every Monday.

  • Elite Hair international
    Aesthetic meetings workshops, free and anonymous. Register online.
  • Association “Parlons-en”
    Let’s Talk Breast Cancer! is since 1994 the first association in France dedicated to information on breast cancer and early detection

Fruity T-shirts to support the fight against breast cancer

This year, it is the men who have decided to support the breasts. Thierry Marx, for example, likes them rather imposing. As for the comedian Artus, he prefers to split his mind on the subject… Why fruit? Because of this strange habit of nicknamed the breast with vegetables. Who hasn’t compared a breast to a pear, a melon or a grapefruit? The idea seduced a dozen celebrities who agreed to play the game.

The concept is declined through a range of very fruity T-shirts: your choice, strawberry, pineapple, banana or watermelon. Each fruit thus represents a form of breast. It’s up to you to choose yours… or that of your partner! 100% of the proceeds go to the association “Let’s talk about it”, which advocates for breast cancer screening.

Behind this humorous “com” campaign actually hides a brand of feminine lingerie. At its head, Charline Goutal, a graduate of HEC who set up her start-up five years ago, at the age of 26. She embarked on the creation of a very offbeat lingerie range, all in jersey and lace knitted in France. The trigger was breast cancer that hit many of her friends, so she wanted to get involved in her own way. 35% of its clients are men. She therefore naturally approached them to make them ambassadors for a cause close to her heart: breast cancer.

  • My little panties
    Fruity T-shirts to support the fight against breast cancer, operation “Ma Ptite Culotte”.

A suitable lingerie

Who better to design bras than a former patient! This designer was 39 when she learned of her cancer, but what certainly hit her morale the most were the bras she had to wear. That was 8 years ago, and that was all there was to choose from in suitable lingerie: medical underwear, bought only in pharmacies or specialty stores.

As there is always good in the bad, she takes advantage of her illness and the time she has to embark on a first collection. All the models are without reinforcements, without external seams, and especially they contain a pocket to slip a prosthesis. His clients, victims of breast cancer, are his best role models. The designer’s fight has since borne fruit as it is the only brand to be sold in supermarkets and on a mainstream fashion site. The bet is won!

  • Warranty
    Lingerie and swimwear for women with breast cancer.

3D tattooing after a mastectomy

The hardest part after breast cancer is to reclaim your breast. After a mastectomy, some women opt for a tattoo. Alexia, an oncology researcher, gave up everything to set up an artistic tattoo parlor, 100% dedicated to women who have had their breasts removed. It is the first in France to have created this “nipple shop” as she says. She receives them at her home.

After breast reconstruction, she draws them a new areola, in the form of a trompe-l’oeil. Its technique is now validated and supported by the medical community, including the Institut Gustave Roussy and the Institut Curie. Thanks to the realism of her work, some women can thus do without a difficult stage, which is the reconstruction of the nipple. The price is 400 euros for a tattoo, 600 euros for both breasts. She also offers temporary tattoos, to pose yourself. Easy to install, they last three months. Through these drawings, she helps patients regain a little self-esteem, and especially a part of their femininity that cancer has torn from them.

  • The Tétons Tattoo Shop
    Tattoo parlor dedicated to reconstruction after breast cancer.