20 + 1 next to MOBIL.CZ

From Monday, a new virtual operator MOBIL.CZ will enter the Czech market. After his offer was published, a number of questions appeared. That’s why we chose the most frequent and pinme answers.

The most inquiries were, of course, on the offer of free internet, size and validity of FUP. Given a large area were of course both prices and roaming. Jan Lodl, who is in charge of the project at MAFRA as, answered the questions.


1. What about free internet?

Probably the largest number of questions in discussions on the Internet concerns the free Internet offer and its validity. Discussing that this is a misleading offer. We are convinced that it is not possible. The internet is really free and you don’t have to pay anything for it. Yes, a quick connection is only available for a certain time after recharging. Even after this time, the user does not pay for an Internet connection. Of course, we will recognize that the speed of 16 kb / s can both cause problems with expiring the time limit, and that full use of the Internet is limited.

2. For 200 K zskm 200 MB. Nen nice si podit 100 MB for 100 K in competition?

Of course, we cannot evaluate the tariffs of the competition. At MOBIL.CZ, however, you will have a total of 200 K handcuffs free and at first. Also, if you recharge, you can not only use the mobile internet at full speed, but you can also call you for 80 minutes or send about 133 at first. Simply put, when you combine it and dial msn for about 50 minutes and fly 50 SMS, then spend exactly 200 K msn on your mobile phone and you will have extra internet.

3. Salary FUP to MSc or do I have to constantly top up?

MOBIL.CZ then pichz only with a prepaid card. U n, in contrast to paulnch tariffs, usually works with a ticetidenn (or tdennm) time window. In this direction vs we must be a little disappointed, unfortunately after 30 days the limit sm apart will not be renewed. If you do not recharge, you will of course have a free credit for the first time, but the Internet will continue to charge at a speed of only 16 kb / s.

4. Not 200 MB small? I will use such a limit in 3 days.

There is no mobile tariff that would satisfy every user. MOBIL.CZ wants to address the average user of a prepaid card with a smartphone, but it does not want to pay 100 K or more just for using the Internet. This card is probably not fully suitable for certain data applications, we know that even in this direction we will soon introduce news. For users who want to make full use of mobile internet, it will probably be more appropriate to choose a suitable tariff with a flat payment for a large amount of data.

5. Je mon si dobt tikrt po 200 K a mt FUP 600 MB?

Basically, it’s mon, but the 200 MB limit doesn’t suddenly rise. You can surf 600 MB per msc, but you have to add 200 K ticks gradually. With each charge, the FUP is set to 200 MB for the next 30 days. Also, if you charge, you have 200 MB available. Once you run them out, you can get 200 K i vc online and otherwise, and you have 200 MB available again in a few seconds. Reln even much more, because the MAFRA group servers do not hide within this FUP limit. You can repeat this completely arbitrarily. At the same time, you will of course have 600 K free, you can also call 240 minutes.

6. Is mon you buying another FUP?

So far, this option is not available. Nabdka MOBIL.CZ is based on the fact that you do not pay for the Internet. In the future, of course, we are considering that we would offer users with high data requirements the opportunity to call the data limit. Now, of course, you can easily charge after the limit is reached.

7. For does the speed decrease to 16 kbps after FUP is exhausted?

Virtual operator uses the technology of his partner. In the case of MOBIL.CZ, it is T-Mobile. In this regard, therefore, must be based on the technical possibilities that he has first. Own infrastructure MOBIL.CZ nem.

8. Plat nabdka internetu iv zahrani?

Not God. So far, MOBIL.CZ days abroad data package. At the moment, the first word (EU, Norway, Lichtentejn, Iceland) pays 14 K per MB.

Penos sla

9. Will my money be valid for MOBIL.CZ?

Yes, penos sla is mon without any problems.

10. How to proceed if I want to penst slo?

As with other prepaid cards. The first step to transfer to MOBIL.CZ is to buy a SIM card. You can buy it here in the newsagent from Monday or order it at www.mobil.cz. Subsequently, it will be possible to log in to the self-service internet at the address samoobsluha.mobil.cz and the penny Penst was to start the transfer. The KP transmission number is generated. Contact your operator with this and enter the release to be transferred. For prepaid cards it should be a matter of hours, for flat rates the maximum days. You can find detailed instructions (again from Monday from 6:00) on the website www.mobil.cz.

11. Will I get a loan?

When you buy a new SIM card MOBIL.CZ, you will have a credit of 200 K. It will remain the same even after the transfer of salt. Unfortunately, there is no credit for the original SIM card. It is therefore best to drain it before the transfer is completed. Just be careful, there must be at least a positive credit on the original card.

12. Did he pay if he had a fixed-term contract with his operator?

To bohuel mon nen. Some contracts can be terminated by paying a contractual penalty, but this is very inappropriate. It will be possible to change the legislation in the future.

Credit validity, prices and roaming

13. How is the credit valid?

The validity of the credit is set to 6 msc from the last top-up. This means that each time you top up, the validity of the credit is automatically extended by another six months. If you do not top up during this time, the credit will be deactivated. If you top up in the next 30 days, your credit will be refunded. After this period, the credit decline. The remaining 5 months will be active, if you do not recharge during this time, it will be canceled.

14. Will there be an infoline? And is he paid?

MOBIL.CZ is available for self-service votes, which can be called at any time and from MOBIL.CZ free of charge. In addition, there are operas available every working day from 8 am to 7 pm. Pay the customer 20 K per call for the connection with the operator. So it doesn’t matter how long the call will be. In cases where it is a legal complaint, the entire amount will be returned to him.

15. How is MOBIL.CZ?

For a call, the first minute of the cell is counted, followed by the second. So it is a 60 + 1 factory.

16. How is the minimum amount recharged?

As with all other operators in the Czech Republic, MOBIL.CZ can be recharged at least 200 K online and in other ways. Paprov dobjec kupny will be available in values ​​of 250 K and 400 K.

17. Will roaming be available? At what prices?

Cenk will be available on Monday. Of course, the conditions of the Eurotariff are respected. Also in the first place, the prices are 7.47 K for an outgoing call, 2.18 K for an outgoing call and 2.48 K for an SMS.

18. How are the prices for holidays abroad?

Free to Slovakia costs 17.14 K per minute, to Germany, Poland and Austria 25.11 K per minute.

Virtun opertor

19. Is it really a virtual operator?

It is true that the Branded Reseller mode is the second lowest level for a virtual operator (MVNO). In a sense, it is a border project, because such an operator does not have its own operator language (MNC) or IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity). In this mode, however, a number of mobile operators operate in the world (about a quarter). Among them is Tchibo Mobilfunk, but in some countries also Tesco Mobile. These are companies that are considered to be the world’s most likely virtual operators.

Of course, the product is based on an agreement between MAFRA as and T-Mobile. The virtual operator works on the basis of a wholesale contract. But the author of the tariff is MAFRA as and so she is fully responsible for its presentation and sale. T-Mobile really only provides technology in this regard.

20. How is the validity of the offer?

Nabdka is not conceived as a limited acne. In the future, of course, it is possible that MOBIL.CZ will offer and give tariffs. However, the same procedure will apply as for existing operators. Due to the fact that it is a prepaid card, it is not necessary to sign a contract for a definite period. It will also be possible to change the tariff at any time.

21. For are there no prices for her?

Of course, the tariff would be great, which would offer you unlimited free, SMS and internet for 100 K msn. Unfortunately, nothing like that is dead. When preparing the tariff, we wanted to develop the need for cheap free and SMS and at the same time offer free internet. We are convinced that the achieved price, as well as 200 MB for a fast mobile connection, when the MAFRA Group servers do not meet this limit, is competitive on the market and customer-friendly. The current price for a 200MB data package is today at least 150 K for other operators, in addition to the prices for free and SMS.