Air Telecom is not a classic virtul, peprodv tariffs Zmlkovy firmy

Air Telecom’s new “virtual operator” introduced a tariff offer, but did not reveal what it was using with the large operators. And none of the “big three” went to Air Telecom. According to the findings of, only the sale of Starlife’s services, which is the clubs’ sale of former decathlon Robert Zmlek.

Air Telecom, which faithfully presented a fairly interesting tariff, refused to divulge which it had with the operator.

The editors of managed to find out that even at the time of the start of sales, Air Telecom did not have a contract with one of the three operators with GSM infrastructure (Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile). On Thursday, it was clear from the technical parameters of the tariff that the guest is T-Mobile. It’s just the ashes that worked with Air Telecom.

According to the findings of, Telecom uses the sale of services through one of the other resellers, who have been operating at T-Mobile for many years. This company is the Starlife company of former decathlon Robert Zmlek. Today, this information was finally confirmed by the talk of Air Telecom Ale Kacl.

T-Mobile’s talk Martina Kemrov states: “Air Telecom does not have a contract with T-Mobile CZ, and has never had a contract for VNO (virtual operator). similar promise to users as reported by Air Telecom. We are in an intense situation. ”

Robert Zmlk from Starlife states: “Air Telecom did not receive and received a SIM from Starlife in the first day. And the prepared cooperation of both companies took place on the level of MLM (multi level marketing). “

Air Telecom also stated the method of sale in its business conditions (valid for MobilKomudo December 2011), where it is stated that: “The Contracting Parties have expressly agreed, in the event of the conclusion of the Contract, the subject of which is provided neveejnch slueb electronic communication using GSM technologies, astnk enters the U: fon STARLIFE club at the same time, as of the date of conclusion of the Agreement. “

In the current conditions, which were sent to the editorial office by Air Telecom on Friday evening, it is stated that this is an extraordinary service in private. He confirms that Air Telecom is not a virtual operator and that customers enter the U: fon club by signing a contract.

According to a talk by Alee Kaclajedn Air Telecomos, a contract for the services of a virtual operator directly with T-Mobil. However, it is not at all certain that the contract will be concluded.

In this case, it is possible that the owner of the company in which Air Telecom offers the services, ie T-Mobile, will catch up with this reseller. And this is a risk for Air Telecom customers, especially if the case was transferred first to Air Telecom. In addition, they automatically become a member of the U: fon club. Opertoi has been disconnected from many service resellers in the past.

Starlife has been selling T-Mobile services for a very long time. Her years ago
T-Mobile published for that: “The conditions we provide to our customer, the Starlife company, are intended exclusively for its co-workers / sales representatives and cannot be obtained in any other way.” More resale and edch operators here. Starlife has also sold a lot of pensions for non-payments.

Last year, Air Telecom bought the U: fon operator and kept the U: fon sign only for services offered in the atypical CDMA area, which the company has long operated. GSM services are sold under the Air Telecom logo.