I had to stop the auction, kf T. Don’t worry about the court with the operators

After the completion of the Czech telecommunication series (T), Pavel Dvok is now calling for a fourth operator after years of abstinence. The court with the established games did not have to worry and had to stop the previous auction, otherwise it would have been going on for a year.

Pavel Dvokje was a member of the board of the Czech Telecommunication Board in May 2005. He became the chairman of the board in April 2006, and he will be appointed at the end of April this year, so he will hold office for a week. But it will only work on T until 2015.

You stopped everyone by stopping the auction. Why didn’t you consult with anyone before?
This is, in fact, one of the few decisions that only President T does not have to consult with anyone, it is his exclusive competence. Due to the situation that arose in the auction, I had to make this decision without consulting. The parameters of the auction simply made it loop. The whole auction process was anonymous, we did not know who is who. It has always been seen that the same configurations of high-bid bidders have been constantly repeated, and prices have been steadily rising, even from auctions in Europe (over 20 billion, ed. Note).

At the end of the auction, all participants had to go to the top bid to get the highest bid, so the price could dream dramatically. So isn’t the price question just a reason?
Ano, lo o virtuln penze. It is evident that the conditions in this constellation simply did not lead to termination.

Dnes je kad generlem

This breeder could be expected, don’t you think?
Certainly, the preparation of the auction took three years, three years were consulted on the basic principles, and consequently the conditions. The government also took them into account. The conditions that were eventually ruled out were all seen. Of course, we knew that there are critical places that can lead to existing operas paying for a new game. In addition, we did not know if there was a real HV recipient. It would be risky to auction an auction to someone who does not even know if it is on the market. Today, Kad is a general. Stt just set up the auction like this, I can put it on myself, after all I finally signed it. But there was an extensive consultation on all levels.

Don’t you regret stopping the auction? It wasn’t so bad to let her catch up.
According to our estimate, she would have to ride two hundred laps, so he gave a year. Stopping and restarting the woman at a time when the budget would not be full and get the fourth operator here soon, it would be far mountains. I thought about it a lot, but I stand by the decision. I know one lesson, public consultations are nice, it’s very transparent. But when it comes down, you sleep in the balance, but often it leads nowhere. elnj is determined and the operator does not ask questions. To km upmn.

The conditions of the new auction have run out quite a bit since. The rejection of frequencies in the 800 MHz spectrum for the new game you refused to go last year. You have been a court arbitrator and litigation with operators. You design it. Does this mean that the original cl auction, as you talked about two of them, ie the development of fast data centers, has shifted towards opening the market for a new game?
Undoubtedly yes. Moreover, it is clear to you that there is an external recipient who will not only be a speculator, but who will have a fully exposed frequency.

In em vs this year PPF convinced? She was always here last year.
Before that, it was one of the monch astnk. At this point, it reliably entered a number of auction conditions. So the atmosphere changed during that time. Regultoi ct much in the support of the European authorities to pour out the frequencies for the new game. All upcoming auctions in this area are secretly with a dedicated spectrum for the new bidder. We have the support that the possible flows from the operator are determined. That was far from last year. The conditions have changed to stimulate the entry of the fourth game.

Opertoi criticizes the conditions a lot, f Milan-Milan T-Mobile submitted an extended public discussion about the MSc, and admitted that his company does not have to participate. Don’t be afraid of their reaction?
So don’t worry, it’s voluntary. And the risk of litigation is always there.

You said that no unwritten auction moved from fast data to a new operator. Is this a natural development, or is it the result of political pressure on the ad?
It’s a speedy development. I really do not think politically in the sense that someone is behind the work of the fourth operator.

Did there not be any political pressure on the conditions?
I don’t want to be answered. Vnmm the fact that the government paid for the cl fourth operator. Before that, it was, let’s say, a very nice one.

Discount of other full new operator does not endanger

Didn’t the existing games open an imaginary window to a new game with a new aggressive pricing policy?
I agree that this rapid decline in prices is related to the auction and the emergence of new competition, but thus to further regulated pressure on the basis of market analysis. However, I assume that the potential quarter of the game, if they compile any feasibility models, could not be based on the prices that prevailed on the Czech market until recently. If they behaved rationally, they certainly clashed with European average prices. So I don’t think that this discount should endanger the full potential of a new operator.

Don’t you think that the PPF group has moved after the purchase of one of the operators?
I can’t rule it out. But we verified this information during the auction, because it would be a collision.

Here, will there be a new operator?
When I look at the European situation, we experienced an exceptional situation – the auction was backed by a very strong multinational financial group. This did not happen in the case of auctions in the area. This is optimistic, but the auction must not be overwhelmed, as it is important for an investor of this type.

Your views have changed dramatically in this regard. While you two said that the fourth operator in the Czech market is not a city, you would like it. For you turned?
The view of the fourth operator was the bottom view of the data. In most European countries per category, these operas work. Therefore, I am convinced that this country will not really bear more than those and three operators with their own st. Statistically, it still works in favor of the game, but I do not rule it out.

Before the auction, there were more prices compared to abroad. In this regard, the ad has long argued that we choose here at very average prices, often operating with special sounds. The sharply reduced price in recent weeks only confirms that prices here were at least above average.
Official data show that free prices in the Czech Republic have been declining for a long time. Certain discrepancies in the hearing were due to a different methodology. By the way, none of the politicians lost their high prices, that has changed, and at a time when there has been a public debate about the fact that the state will sell frequencies through T. It’s dark for one of them. I have always wanted to take into account other prices that are in the Czech Republic not elsewhere in Europe.

Prosm, drme se cen za voln.
We are a limited account, unlike the Energy Regulatory Series, we cannot change the price. But the pressure from the parties persisted, especially after the European Commission canceled the market analysis, today we have a new analysis. We have declared the market to be competitive by the decision of the board, not by Dvok itself. At that time, we assumed that virtual operas began to emerge and that the market began to develop in the same way as in other countries. To alenenastalo.

But why did we come to that and in 2013? In Poland, for example, the turning point came many years ago, when virtual operas began to appear on the market. A great deal of service is attributed to the local controller first.
Opertoi simply took advantage of situations where the Czech Republic is more expensive than elsewhere. Energy, fuels, food. During my presidency, we used all the facilities we had at our disposal. I can’t do anything about it or I can’t.

How will your put roles on the ad? As chairman of the account.
Yes, I will be a member of the board, where mm mandt until 2015.

Also increase the number of political flows and penalties reported.
Shouldn’t I?