Minister Kuba would see Robert Pelikn as the first in the ranks of T rd

The Minister of Industry and Trade, Martin Kuba, will propose the appointment of Robert Pelikn, the first member of the board of the Czech Telecommunication Board, to the vacant five-member city council. He stated this on the day of the press conference.

According to the Minister of Cuba, Robert Pelikn can help build a modern regulation from T, which will actively determine the conditions on the mobile free market so that everything suits the customers. “The prices of telecommunication services, which mainly affect Czech households, businesses and company names, are among the highest in Europe. And they don’t get adequate consideration for them either, “said Kuba.

He also stated that he was looking for a hunter with the first education and did not want to continue the previous practice, when the ad could serve as a “political newsagent”. Pelikn, who specializes in the competition first, can replace former MP Zdek Vrka (ODS). The mandt grew out of it this July.

According to Cuba, Pelikn, who heads the Department of Civil Law at the First Faculty of Charles University and worked at the international law firm Linklaters, can help T build a modern regulation from T. otherwise high-quality designs, according to which you can do it right and wrong.

He is currently conducting an analysis of the mobile free market and if, according to Cuba, he finds that the market is not competitive, he can impose corrective measures on the opertorm. In addition, the operator is analyzing the terms of the contract and is preparing an auction of frequencies for fast mobile that could enter the market of the new game.

“The fact that T’s advice will be complete is very good at first,” commented František Malina on Pelikna’s speech. This year, she was regularly appointed by Minister Kuba to the board of Ondej Malho’s newspaper T. Until the first year, Pavel Dvok, a former advisor to the Czech Telecom, is its chairman, while Jan Frstov, former Minister of Finance and Justice, and Milan Imonovsk, former Minister of Transport, are members.

Under the Cuban sub-minister, it is possible to speculate whether Robert Pelikn is a potential candidate for the new chairman of the council in the first year. The Ministry is currently finalizing the update of the state policy in electronic communications Digital, which can set the priorities of R until 2020.