Opertoi is preparing a safe edch vendor. Tich tolerance kon

They have mobile operators in a number of companies, and their services have been sold for a long time. These so-called “ed” operators have long tolerated them, but now they want to get rid of them.

This year, the extremely turbulent mobile communications market was about to thunder. Opertoi is going to catch up with 300 thousand clients who call a corporate reseller. After years of tolerance and sometimes support, the trio of mobile operators are preparing for an unprecedented move against “edm” opertorms. This is the name of the company that offers the services of telecommunications companies on favorable terms according to the sale.

The reason? The advent of virtual operators, who have been tackling their bonds since last autumn. For n, “ed” sellers would be practically a new competitor. That is why companies want to make a foothold in all of them so that they do not run out of pensions through the “edives”.

Companies should not say officially, moreover, there is a very thin line between the corporate program and its “edm” seller. The difference sometimes lies in the vague wording of the contracts between the operator and the reseller.

Opertoi expresses exhortation to questions on the Great Taen. From outside the company, however, voices are heard about the biggest earthquake in the telecommunications market in recent years. “It is generally accepted that we are acting against companies that sell our services without our knowledgeable parties and thus violate contracts and our business conditions,” said Albta Houzarov, Vodafone’s spokesman. The concrete bag does not want to.

The same rampage is Telefnica, which is first litigating with LeeToo, and has caught up with its clients due to breach of contract. Pi te e esk telekomunikan ad. “So-called ed opertoi do not sell our services on the basis of any resale contracts. They have only a standard employee agreement with them, which allows them to use the services only for their own needs, ”explains Hany Farghali, a spokeswoman for Telefnika.

According to some information, the first Telefnica Czech Republic should have these sellers the most. According to the information of MF DNES and 150 thousand sel. This volume bag marked Farghali as pehnan.

Disposal of the edch operator can mean a lot for end users, sometimes the operator wants to choose the opposite tactic. End users will be offered a suitable offer when members go directly to them. Tm want to weaken the salesman.

Otherwise, it is not easy for n “edch” operator to get rid of. T will weave figures against them. “We will decide to do this in the first place through the eyes of the end user. The fact that the contract was concluded from the point of view of economically unsuitable conditions is not a reason for its cancellation. They are always wrong on specific contracts, which are different for operators, ”explained Marek Ebert, the head of T and the director of the series. Even according to him, it can be expected that these disputes will soon increase. “But we don’t have to officially announce the removal of companies from operators,” adds Ebert.