T-Mobile i O2 oprauj odmny. Nejvc zskaj nov zkaznci

A new edition of Twist SIM cards will appear in T-Mobile’s offer from 1 August. In addition, the operator will offer Twist customers a credit for recharging packages. From 1 August, new customers of the Optimal Internet at Home service from O2 can use, for example, family leave free of charge.

In the Naim program, allTwist customers will be able to take advantage of some of the benefits offered. It will be necessary to first log in to the program by means of texts, first to the number 4603 in the form according to the selected preference (see table).

NASIM VOL for free time until T-Mobile every day from 19:00 to 7:00
NASIM INT pro internet vmobilu (FUP 100 MB/4 tdny; tdenn limit in 25 MB)
NASIM SMS for 1 + 1 SMS to any st free (each type of SMS)

The selected discount will be automatically activated by the customer after each credit entry. When topping up a credit of up to 300 crowns, it will be valid for one week, and three weeks for more than 300 crowns. The operator will inform about the validity with a text message. If the customer decides to use another advantage, I will make the change not only with a text message in the correct form, but also through the self-service Mj T-Mobile and by calling the T-Mobile Customer Center.

With the new edition of Twist free or mobile internet for free

From 1 August, a new edition of prepaid Twist cards will appear in T-Mobile’s offer, in two variants: a Twist card with free internet and a Twist card with free mobile internet. In both cases, it will offer suitable prices for SMS (1.90 K) and free (5.90 K / min). Advantageously, it is automatically set to three months on Twist cards from the special edition.

After this time, the benefits setting will remain in the Naim program for recharging. All customers with the special edition Twist card will be registered in it automatically, but they will still be able to draw an advantage after and after the credit has been added. The length will preferably be determined by the recharging. Even in this case, the customer will be able to choose the one that suits him best. So, for example, with a Twist card with free mobile Internet, he will be able to go free (even via SMS).

O2 nabdne u Internetu na doma voln zdarma

With new customers who order the Internet service at home Optimal (speed 16/1 Mbps) from 650 August per month from O2, the operator will offer one of the three advantageous packages when concluding a one-year contract: two O2 mobile phones, O2 TV digital TV with an offer and 46 Prestigio TV programs or tablets with the Android operating system.

In a package with family leave, customers will be able to choose and three mobile phones will be at O2. They will then be able to call each other completely free of charge and it will not be decisive whether it is a prepaid card or a flat rate.

With the O2 TV package, customers will be able to choose two more program packages to stock the O2 TV Flexi offer. In addition to ordering these services via the O2 e-shop, the operator can conveniently buy HBO, Kino, Cinemax and Privat without a price and rent a set-top box for CZK 2 million (CZK 49).

Hunted ducks double credit from Coca-Cola

O2 split in the summer event together with Coca-Cola credits for 20 million crowns. All customers with smartphones who have used a bottle from the bottom of a bottle of Coca-Cola in the period from 1 July 2012 will be able to double the credit obtained thanks to the mobile application. To write the credit, it is necessary to register and fill in anyone from the age. Each participant can use them and 100. The promotion is valid for everyone who has just bought a pint bottle.

In the 25kredit application, which can be downloaded from the O2 Active portal, smartphone users will see their surroundings and a list of cities where virtual ducks can be found. The operator hid them in more than 600 cities throughout the Czech Republic, from interesting tourist locations, through the Coca-Cola store and to its stores. Some ducks also have the form of QR kd. When you catch a duck, you can double your credit from 25 to 50 crowns.

The application is currently available for smartphones with Android, in the future the operator will also introduce a version for iOS. “Smartphones are still popular among our customers. In the first half of this year, 65 percent of smartphones were sold. Now the two owners of tchtopstroj have the opportunity to get credit in a free way to use all the possibilities of smartphones, ”said Petr Matjovsk, director of the mobile voice and data services segment of Telefnica Czech Republic.