The conditions of the new auction have been published on Monday

esk telekomunikan ad processed the pages of reminders, which were taught to him by the recipients of frequencies for fast mobile LTE. The draft amended conditions will be published on Monday, June 24. This year, the chairman of the ad, Jaromr Novk, informed her about the upcoming auction about a representative of the European Commission.

And until this year, May 22, those interested in frequencies for LTE could submit in public consultation on the conditions of the auction to the Czech telecommunications industry and a series of comments. In particular, they do not want to reserve a lucrative 800 MHz font only for a new game, which could also speculatively bid on the rest of the frequency together with the operators.

The first reservation of spectrum could also bother Brussels, which could see it as unauthorized public support. The common limit of the maximum frequency of frequencies in the 800 and 900 MHz bands is also considered illogical by companies.

“Psma 800 and 900 MHz are not substitutes. Psmo 800 MHz is for LTE. We operate GSM in the 900 MHz band and its restriction in favor of LTE would significantly worsen the availability of voice services, especially outside large cities, ”said Richard Stonavsk, Vodafone’s regulation director.

He pointed out to her that the ad should not suddenly analyze whether the mobile market is competitive, including any regulations, and also announce an auction (see here).

The operator also defects the obligation of national roaming in the GSM and 3G networks. Including the new game in these stages is considered a violation of the conditions of its issued licenses.

Information about the current state of preparations for the auction was received by the government last week. According to the resolution, she wants the auction to allow a new operator to enter the market. The only known recipient for entering the market so far has been the PPF financial group.

On the contrary, it pushes to remain 800 MHz only reserved for new competitors. In addition, the competition will be announced as soon as possible, in the event of a threshold, the new auction would not take place.

The previous auction was announced by Pavel Dvok, then the then chairman of T, when the total price of the frequencies offered reached 20.3 billion K from the developing price of 7.4 billion K. According to the series, it was economically unrealistic and dominated the results of similar auctions in Western Europe. There was a threat of stretching competitions (more here).