We have caught up with Europe. The unlimited O2 tariff is available abroad

Until this week, mobile free in the Czech Republic was one of the most expensive in Europe. The new O2 Free tariffs have changed the bag. Especially the unlimited Free CZ tariff will not be lost at all in the Central European region. In Slovakia or Germany have unlimited tariffs dra.

It is not easy to compare the price levels of tariffs in individual countries. Each market has its own specifics, which are then woven into all the operas there. It is obvious that the local competition is looking for a lot of competition. When one offers a discount when activating online, immediately offer it to others. And so according to.

Nov tariff O2 Free CZ is not based on a comparison at all, it belongs to the cheaper ones in our region. Against the cheapest unlimited tariff of the Polish operator Play is expensive about 200 crowns. On the contrary, the German T-Mobile is more than once so expensive. Opertoi in Slovakia have expensive offers, but again, many have given benefits and data volumes. Cheap tariffs then do not meet the condition of unlimited free time and SMS.

It is the cheapest in Austria

For objective comparability, we chose the highest tariff from the stock offer O for comparison2 Free CZ, which offers unlimited free and SMS up to all 1 GB of data. Cheaper tariffs are more difficult to compare, but it is roughly the case that where they have a cheaper unlimited tariff, not Free CZ, they also have lower prices for their tariff. It is definitely cheaper in Poland and Austria.

Only you are the first in Austria, where free extremes are cheap even in the context of the whole of Europe and even the world, only one operator has a completely unlimited tariff. The others offer tariffs with thousands of minutes and SMS for a minimum number, but they do not have a full “flat” tariff in the offer. A1 Go tariff! With standing in the acne offer, the fees are roughly increased by 50 crowns less, not as much as he wants for Free CZ esk O2.

In Austria, a relatively high activation fee is paid and thus a SIM management fee. Roughly for a two-year contract, it costs 100 crowns more. On the other hand, A1 gives a relatively significant discount when activating a landline at the same time.

esk O2 scores the transparency of the price tag

When looking through the prices of foreign operators, a new price will stand out O2, jetoti znejpehlednjch in the whole region. Two pegledn cenki opertor vsussednch zemch toti zanaj nabobtnvat nejrznjmi specifkmi nabdkami.

The table shows the prices of the cheapest unlimited tariffs, which can be compared with the offer of the Czech O.2. Tariffs thus have at least unlimited local free aSMS, regardless of page, and it also offers at least a minimum data package. Prices are stated in May local VAT for tariffs without the purchase of a subsidized mobile phone, if the operator differentiates the price.

Salary prices for new customers without age limit. We have chosen the standard menus on the operators’ websites, it is probable that local discounts can be obtained locally and favorably. In the table there are only offers of operators with infrastructure, not virtual.2 are marked tons.

Zem Operator Price in K Poznmka
esko O2 749 1 GB, volume 2 years, possible surcharge 150 K msn
Poland Orange 819 2 GB dat, vasek min. deadline
Poland Plus 668 1 GB that, vazek skirt
Poland T-Mobile 580 250 MB dat, vazek skirt
Poland Play 561 500 MB dat, vazek skirt
Slovakia Orange 1 035 2 GB of data, no binding, unlimited MMS
Slovakia T-Mobile 1 035 Unlimited data, unlimited MMS, no link
Slovakia O2 1 164 1 GB of data, unlimited SMS via the EU, 30 percent discount per year, no link
Nmecko T-Mobile 1 630 500 MB of data, unlimited hotspots, 2-year commitment, 10% discount per year
Nmecko O2 517 / 776 50 MB / 500 MB of data, volume 2 years, no volume + 25%, 10% discount per year
Nmecko Vodafone 1 164 1 GB of data, volume 2 years, discount 10% for the whole volume required, 2 weeks of data in the EU ron
Austria A1 695 1 GB of data, 2 years, the price includes a registration fee and a fee

Vraz unlimited opertoi vyklaj rzn. For free and SMS it is at least 10 thousand minutes and it’s bad for the operator to turn off the service after hell. For data transfers beyond the limit, the speed usually drops to 64 kbps or no. And you need to operate this system as unlimited data. In addition, with low-cost tariffs, which includes many of the above, it is often not possible to deal with the highest transmission speed that it supports with the operator.

In general, the Slovak opertoi do not require ties for tariffs without a mobile phone, in Poland there is a toll for two years and two years. The price is not the same. In Germany and Austria, two-year harness is standard.

As operators in neighboring countries offer similarly suitable tariffs for a longer period of time, they have provided various services for different packages in the package, which, however, are not usually very important (for example, cloud loit). If telecommunications are involved, they are listed in the note. Any discounts on the deposit are either included or mentioned in the note.

Appropriate subsidies

We did not compare mobile subsidies, because esk O2 with them ended and offer only spltkov sale. At the same time, our neighbors subsidize these mobile phones. Then some offers are more suitable, but roughly pay again, especially where they have cheaper unlimited tariffs, do not offer a new Czech O2. Subsidies in the Czech Republic have historically always been much less suitable abroad.