Z skulis: Let’s see, the frequency auction for LTE st is dragging on

esk telekomunikan ad originally covered with the fact that the auction of frequencies for the new mobile will end in the end of 2012. This did not happen and the whole procedure is dragging on. The reason is a poor estimate when fulfilling.

Esk telekomunikan ad (T) may not comment officially on the course of the auction, at least for the time being the press of František Malina. Only this applies to the day in the auction itself. One of the representatives of a number of previous experiences with the auction stage presented at the Telecommunications Conference of the Slovak Republic 2013, which took place on January 29 and 30 in Bratislava.

The presentation, which was available to the registered participants of the conference, shows that there is a current sweat with the fact that the auction could end in a hole or ordinary. Accordingly, the frequency should then be added to the current or April. Start LTE u ns shifts the tm patin.

In the presentation, the reasons are given for arrivals during the auction for the sources. ad zejm did not estimate the real interest draitel and potal with a faster course. This is also influenced by the different interests of the individual parties, so tactics are different. ad piznv, one day tool to speed up the auction, can only be used in the future. The rest of the presentation was probably intended to serve as a source of information for Slovak colleagues.

A representative of T took the opportunity to speed up a similar auction. The possibility would be, for example, accelerated auction rounds and races between them. Both take an hour, so those rounds will be completed in the day from 10 am to 6 pm. The shortening of wheels and races and the extension of the time window of the auction day would be significantly accelerated.

According to this, it would be appropriate to set a higher value of the minimum throw, which is currently 2.5 percent of the developing price of the block. In connection with another stock for the bid (for example, the price from the last auction round), the auction would quickly reach the stage when the bottom of the recipient would not want to increase the price.

To defend the series, it is necessary to add that he had no experience with a similar auction and could not be used even abroad. After all, with the preparation of the auction and its conditions T also helped a significant consulting company, which also did not cover such a threshold. In addition, the current economic situation, the voices of Czech operators and the overall interest in the auction among potential participants were such that the development prices are quite high, so the auction will not bring them much.

That is not true. Due to the fact that the auction lasts more than 55 working days, during which a total of 220 auction rounds could be completed, the cutting of some blocks could easily be wound up several times. For only (approximately) the number of auction rounds, the bag also testifies to a large number of tactical players, because if they really bid in each round, the price of the most attractive blocks could rise to more than a factor of eight.

Zstv otzkou, for T information presented at a conference in Slovakia taj. These are definitely not data days that could in any way affect the course of the auction, and consequently lead to the attack of their results.

Mon ad does not want to admit a mistake (which the bag can only be easily questioned) or really just afraid to publish anything. This bag around the auction caused the jet to run in uncertainty.