/Patients will be able to participate in drug evaluation
Patients Will Be Able To Participate In Drug Evaluation

Patients will be able to participate in drug evaluation

The Haute Autorité de Santé wishes to include patients in the evaluation of drugs and health devices.

(NIK MERKULOV / 107644661)

The participation of patients must be done through associations, specifies the High Authority of Health (HAS), which is responsible for evaluating the interest of drugs and medical devices with a view to their reimbursement by Health Insurance. .

This participation of users, like what is done in other countries, will make it possible to integrate their “specific knowledge” (experience of the disease, treatment, etc.) into the evaluation, notes the HAS, which has put guides online for patient and user associations.

The experiment launched by the HAS “concerns all the drugs and medical devices for which a complete evaluation procedure” is planned, that is to say the new drugs, those already covered and which obtain a new one. indication or those that the HAS reassesses periodically ”. In addition, there are medical devices with a brand name, “which present an innovative character or which may have an impact on health expenditure”.

From November 21, a list of products for which the contribution of associations is expected will be published on the HAS website (“subject to the agreement of the manufacturers concerned”). A list updated every week. The associations will have 30 days to send their contributions which will be sent to the experts of the committees responsible for evaluations within the HAS. A first assessment of this experiment will be carried out after 6 months of operation, indicates the HAS.