Apple doesn’t like his news. He began to warn many niches

Apple is strongly affected by information about upcoming products. And not only photos and specifications, but actually in. Someone received a letter from the first representatives of American society.

Apple has already stepped on nsk nike. The first representatives of Apple sent them a letter urging them not to publish information about the upcoming products. In this way, customers can mislead and at the same time provide two pieces of information to Apple’s competitors.

The first-time Apple, according to the Apple Insider portal, has no time to tell, when you call it up, a detailed entry of all their contributions, including those on social networks. Graphic artist Jermaine, working under the concept of Creator, was also able to challenge. He, in collaboration with the well-known Jon Proser, created renders of the Airpod Max headphones. He was contacted by the Dutch representative representing Apple, but Jon Prosser himself was not contacted.

The question is whether Apple will be in this taen spn. sten mon yes, but it will catch on anonymous niches. And especially he doesn’t contact American newspapers yet. As the Phone Arena server informs, don’t even help anyone to say that the published information appeared to them in a dream.

It is quite logical that Apple has reached out to nsk nike. Most product features are manufactured first, where most component suppliers share. It is clear that the first supplier and manufacturers (Apple may not choose anything) know the new products. And logically, the people working on the production line also know them. And often, relatively long before the premiere, which is logical, the company must have the products made so that it can sell them almost immediately after the premiere.

Apple is appealing to its suppliers to choose employees over time. It’s just thousands and thousands of people. In addition, significant customers (sellers, opertoi) of Apple will get to the products in advance, to whom the company shows them in advance, even though in this respect they will be significantly less than the competition.

That’s why it’s quite interesting today what the pt generation iPhone will look like. What you can see in the gallery. Renders are created according to leaked photographers, which are not well published. And because of their low quality or because they could point out who and where they participated. And since Apple doesn’t innovate so vigorously every year, it is sometimes just information from someone who has seen it or seen their cover, and so on, to create a render.

Despite Apple’s efforts to save its news, there is new information about upcoming iPhones in the world. The premiere should drink 14th, which would mean a return to the usual date. Last year, the coronavirus pandemic shifted it to June. Of course, it is not officially confirmed. As well as information that the successor to the cheap SE model is coming and in five years in the spring and the phone should get support for 5G and a new processor. But even that has been speculated about for quite a long time.