First against species. Motorola Razr 5G shows that retro vko m potentil

The modern Motorola Razr is one of the most stylish smartphones on the market. The 5G version, which we tested some time ago, is also a very practical, not the first generation from last year. And it shows that Motorola has taken a good turn in development here, which in itself may not mean a different future.

As we wrote in a review of the new Motorola Razr 5G, this kind of release smartphone with a flexible display, which is inspired by the rich and legendary past of Motorola features, is not really as retro as the first release. We were convinced of this in a quick comparison with the first generation of flexible razor, which was briefly provided by one of ours.

While last year’s introduction of the razor is trying to really maximize the design details of the original Motorola Razr V3 from 2004, this year’s 5G novelty goes in a slightly different direction. However, this is nothing that we have not known in the past. At that time, they gradually added models to the original Razr V3, and their design was understandably an evolution of the original one. After V3 and improved V3i saw Motorola Razr V3x with slightly rounded lines and after n variant V3xx.

It was followed by the Razr Maxx, which didn’t look much like a hammer, but in 2007 the Motorola Razr2 V8 went on sale with a more sophisticated design. The V8 was followed in the same cabinet by the types V9, V9m and V9x, all of which bore the models marked Razr2. And follow Razr3 V13, which should be the first smart razr with the Symbian operating system. There is a bag on it (except for the CDMA version on the Korean market).

Let’s not empty the slime

First, the new Razr 5G design and philosophy are reminiscent of the Razr2 V8 nm. It’s round, so don’t worry about the thin construction and the wow effect is a bit exchanged for your practicality. As we changed in the review, it’s a matter of taste, but in the comparison of TV on TV with nm vc lb the original smart lid of Motorola Razr from last year not rounded 5G interpretation. On the other hand, the 5G model will be commended for going in its own direction and not only enduring the legacy of the original legend.

According to us, Nokia, or HMD Global, which sells Nokia phones today, should take a little talk here. Her approach to legends contrasts darkly with Motorola. Yes, the modern 3310 attracted attention and was (and still is) an attractive reborn legend, the Nokia 8110 4G showed that even a lot of new mobile phones can be sold today and that the inspiration can be a relatively free discipline, which in many ways preserves the spirit of the original. Only then did HMD go wrong and put the retro models under only the same recipe: let’s take the legend, let’s try cheap modern design, ordinary hardware and sell it a little harder than the same equipped model, which does not play for rebirth.

The quality of workmanship and the pioneering nature of some legendary models is there, you just want to retire. From this point of view, our favorite retro type is the Nokia 8 Sirocco, today a bit of a forgotten smartphone from a kind of first wave model from HMD Global. The phone, which at the time could not compete with the absolute peak, but was close, fascinated us with its workmanship and attention to detail. It had nothing to do with the luxury models of the Nokia 8xxx series, except for the emphasis on high-quality mechanical design. And in fact, according to us, it was enough, it was more dignified and interesting than the current silent empty slums. Not only was it not a commercial hit, so Nokia is not continuing in that direction.

In sharp contrast to darkness is Motorola’s approach. This proves that, with a retro reference, a device can be created that does not state on the original, do not harden it in any way, and at the same time it means moving forward. Losk razr is a clear proof of this: the proportion of the legendary V3 model Motorola, which today belongs to Lenovo), has adapted to the need for time, and the flexible display, which is still a very important affair, provided him not only with that historical legacy, but with the original image of the technological pioneer.

Of course, Motorola was not the first in the market with a flexible display device. Not even a species, not an aunt. But today he is one of those companies (known as Royole, Samsung and Huawei) that offer something like this today. And it was the first company to first put back on the market in the form of a once-so-popular age design, which brought compact dimensions to the phone.

Practice road

It is therefore logical that in the new Razr 5G model, the character did not go the way of a simple dmn link. So the novelty is definitely not a way for us. It is a device that goes its own way and, in addition to its own interpretation of the design, it has also focused on practicality. Revolun u bt neme, here he did a losk type, so it was time to turn to the criticized area.

And that there were in the original model. We believe that the criticism was monetized and a little overdone, losk razr is still a solid smartphone, it would be with the equipment of affordable models not medium now. The price for that pioneering nature and retro design is really high here.

This 5G model is really good. However, the fact that you can get its equipment elsewhere for a murder of less than 10 thousand crowns, however, clearly shows that smartphones today may not have the most bloated hardware in order to work for a while. Razr is actually such a Pixel 4 and 5G, only in a very expensive design and technically fascinating packaging.

We appreciate that the Razr 5G classic SIM slot, with its powerfully powerful hardware and a small model, has improved the focus, it would still be enough, not to arouse any wonder. But let’s think about what Motorola has to glue: some control elements or you even the construction of the phone. Life will not be fully realized, however, the squeaking sounds will be heard from the Razr 5G joint in the same way as with the losk razor.

Customers who are willing to pay exorbitant sums for these smartphones with a flexible display (losk razr will cost 26,990 crowns, the new Razr 5G at 39,990 crowns), so they have to bite a certain pioneering tax. Yes, flexible Samsungs don’t sleep, but Motorola’s designs don’t have a hole on the screen.

Legendrn potencil

The Razr model line could be very important for Motorola again. And the mon could work a bit of a bit more, not as it was with the original model and the gradual development of other times. Today, the Razr 5G and its predecessors are a lot of expensive phones with such enough equipment. As was the case with the original Razr V3, customers bought style and slim construction, not equipment. In the future, the bag will be for Motorola’s Razr nm series, you need the Galaxy S series for Samsung. Not only the company’s great ability, but a kind of living legend, a character that with each new generation.

Motorola just has to persevere and keep developing this series of fuels. The first step from generation to generation is a good hope that Motorola has taken it in the right direction. The question is whether you persevere, because it doesn’t look like modern times have been such a sales hit as ever. Only this is the first for the company the main bike: the trend to turn then. The Razr V3 (and the improved V3i) was a hit, with the popularity of the other model declining. This time, on the other hand, Motorola has to gradually build the popularity of the race, and it will become a hit.