Honor got rid of the birthplace and avoided a promising future

nsk Honor became independent and saw his future at the first big conference. Without Huawei, Honor should be more breathtaking and the brand should return to world markets fully competitive.

Honor was created as an affordable subsidiary of the Huawei Group. It worked for a long time, not the US administration imposed sanctions on Huawei. Of course, they also touched Honor, and both characters basically did not compete with the competition.

Their models were not allowed to use American technology, including patents and software. And the first last item was a tusk, because their smartphones were not allowed to use Google services. Without them, phones are not for sale. For Huawei sanctions stle salary, for Honor should pay only missed as. The group sold the emblem to a consortium of German distributors and vld provinces en-en.

The first press release of the Honor Independent Conference was entirely positive, with no word on the issue of sanctions, Google, Huawei and similar issues. We have to keep in mind that Honor has obviously got rid of sanctions, he knows that the company will be looking for partners and suppliers around the world. The names of companies such as: AMD, Intel, MediaTek, Micron Technology, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Samsung, SK Hynix or Sony fell.

Huawei? You forget

From this it can be concluded that Honor will be fully detached from Huawei and will produce devices assembled from a bunch of most of the world’s leading suppliers. Not that the two Huawei Groups would not use their services, but with American sanctions, he had to forget about a large hundred. You run out of CPU shortages.

On the other hand, the development of smartphones is a long-term affair, also new independent models, we can not expect two, not in the second half of the year. And even so, Honor would have to expect much two from Huawei alone, not actually at the end of last year.

That’s why the new Honor View40 jet device with old genes, ie from a joint development with Huawei, has similar parameters and its own design as the new Huawei Nova 8 Pro. The premiere of the model will be covered in the exclusive market, where phones still do not have Google services. The global variant has not been announced yet.

The first own mobile phone to go with old genes

Honor View40 m FHD + OLED curved display with a 6.72 inch flap that has a 120Hz refresh rate. It is powered by a Mediatek Dimensity 1000+ processor, which is seconded by 8 GB of operan memory. The user interface has a capacity of 128 and 256 GB. The battery with a capacity of 4,000 mAh supports and 66W fast charged, respectively 50W wirelessly charged.

At the back is a triple camera with a main 50Mpix image. According to here there is 8Mpix irokohl snma and 2Mpix macro. At the front is a double ring, in which there is only one lens with a resolution of 16 Mpix. Type of place PatF sensor.

Honor boasts of five development centers and 100 other laboratories around the world. It employs 8,000 people, half of whom work in development. Honor wants to create an entire ecosystem of smart devices, and will continue to produce sweat, watches, modems and other devices. Compared to the days under Huawei’s mansion, it looks like a different portfolio.

According to the information of the Mobil.iDNES.cz editorial staff, the process of separation from Huawei was very intensive, and the Honor branches were moving from the joint offices he had with Huawei. And it pays for the Czech branch as well.