iPhone slump. He had a model to make

iPhones are selling great, the last quarter was a record for Apple. But this does not apply to all models. The cheapest model of the 12 series goes on sale and it is possible that Apple will produce or discontinue its production.

Apple introduced the first iPhone models for the first time last fall. The current iPhone 12 series thus includes a basic model 12, a modified 12 mini and two primers 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. These tracks are sold well, on the contrary, the cheapest 12 minis, which cost 21,990 K on the Czech market, are, according to several sources, a failure.

The German server Mydrivers.com states that in 2020 this model represented only six percent of sales of all offered iPhones. There are several reasons for this. Customers buying iPhones, ie primary expensive phones, want the best and obviously don’t need to read.

The iPhone 12 mini is an outstanding compact phone that Apple’s two-generation customers are used to. Today, this bag is a very exotic affair, so it had a time equipped smartphone on the market does not exist. The only competitor is the introduction of a new generation last year
iPhone SE, but it is different and especially SE is 9,000 crowns cheaper.

From this it can be deduced that even today customers want a large display, which the 5.4-inch panel of the mini model does not match. For a while at a time, he also had a relatively large iPhone 12 display that has a 6.1-inch depth. The competition with the display is usually between 6.5 and 6.9 inches.

The compact dimensions have one inconvenience that the owner of the mini model often cares about, and that is the sound of the battery. It is really small, it has a capacity of only 2,220 mAh, which is a record small. Although Apple can optimize consumption better than many competitors with all the links, the Vdr model is still weak.

Mydrivers.com cites JP Morgan’s investment analyst William Morgan to list Apple’s supplier of system supplies for this model by millions. And in the pale blue, this also applies to the basic iPhone 12. According to JP Morgan, the bag will be in production, on the contrary, the production of the mini model could end in the second quarter of this year. This would make the iPhone a model for a short time.

The end of production would not mean withdrawing from the market, until the time produced, it would stand for sale to the specified successor. This year, Apple will introduce me to those models of the new iPhone series. And this is a small model. Only it should be improved compared to this year’s model, so it will be more attractive for customers.