Nadupan hern Asus oslov ir publikum. Test ROG Phone 5 Pro

Hernus Asus smartphones have been practically from pot phones to specific audiences, especially in the game. But the benefits of these models, especially the extreme performance, can of course sometimes be appreciated by the average user. The latest generation of the ROG Phone 5 is probably the closest to them in the history of these models.

Due to its rather wild design and rich offer of accessories, the ROG Phone game phone is basically clear at first glance. Well, at least until now. Asus gradually calmed down the design of its game series, and even though we find some unusual elements in ROG Phone 5, it is basically a fairly conservative phone at first glance, which only at first glance reveals the game details.

I play mobile games. Mm can you handle it?

In any case, customers will get a very bloated smartphone, which puts an emphasis on peak performance and boasts a perfect battery. A bit of a step can be found in the camera, however, overall Asus ROG Phone 5 in all its versions is a very competitive top smartphone with maximum equipment. We specifically tested the ROG Phone 5 Pro version, which stands above the standard version of ROG Phone 5, but again does not fully reach the equipment of the Ultimate version. The differences between the variants are very small and, in principle, the vast majority of our knowledge also applies to the remaining versions.

If you belong to the impressive games of mobile games, especially those nronchs with sophisticated 3D graphics and a requirement for a lot of power, then any variant of ROG Phone 5 is for every purpose. That is, if you have a pension on it. The basic ROG Phone 5 will cost 21,490 crowns on the Czech market, it is a version with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of user memory. Of course, we would rather pay extra for a design in the 12/256 GB configuration, which officially costs 24 thousand crowns. It didn’t have a surcharge, only Unfortunately, Asus didn’t give its bloated smartphone support for memory cards, so the storage of 128 GB is quite small. According to the price, we can find a version with 16 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory for 26 thousand crowns, while the tested versions of Pro and Ultimate are still included in the price of errors.

The price is not low, on the other hand, the user gets a lot of music for it and the truth is that the competition can be significantly more expensive. The advantage for the game is that ROG Phone 5 is built for their needs: I have a battery, a display without interference elements, two USB-C ports (one at the bottom and one at the side) and in the package with the phone we find an injection that helps to cool better and I also have a headphone jack (one can also be found on the bottom of the phone). For edges, the ROG Phone 5 offers power, comfort and a pleasant choice, and that’s great.

And what if I don’t play games?

At first glance, the ROG Phone 5 doesn’t have to be so attractive from the point of view of gaming or just the fun of playing mobile games: in addition, a small user probably won’t appreciate the little things and you can also get cheap smartphones with Snapdragon 888. On the other hand, ROG Phone 5 still has something to offer. a display without a car and a bend is something that does not have to impress only a bunch of mobile games, it pays for a great battery.

Skvl vdr? How is that sn?

Asus ROG Phone 5 got a battery with a capacity of 6,000 mAh, which is a very above-average value among the best on the market. Well, it’s the same with vdr. Two days in normal operation for us were a matter of course and it is not a problem to get to those days on one charge. The results in the PC Mark Work 3.0 Battery Life benchmark show how much the phone’s battery can handle. At nm nm, in the test discharged from 100 to 15% of the battery capacity, the ROG Phone 5 Pro lasted for 12 hours in operation: with the display backlit at maximum (but without the SIM inserted).

In practice, this means that games can be played on ROG Phone 5 really all afternoon, and even so, it should have enough energy for you to really watch you on Netflix or YouTube. The phone does not answer in any way, in the heat test the temperature climbed to a maximum of 40 C, which is a great result. The supplied wind would bring the temperature down, but he certainly dreamed of it. We therefore recommend that you use it only when it is at maximum power, or when the phone is connected to the charger.

When the ROG Phone 5 runs out of power, let’s charge quickly. The phone handles a 65 W charger, it also charges to 70% capacity from scratch in 30 minutes and is fully full in 52 minutes. They are also great performances. Let’s add that the wireless charging error and that the phone can charge the battery from another device, this time it is running at 10 W.

Talk about power. How are you?

spades. In our tested ROG Phone 5 Pro the Snapdragon 888 (in all variants), there is 16 GB of RAM and a very fast load. The results in the benchmarks are therefore amazing: in AnTuT we reached the limit of 825,000 points, in the 3D Mark Wild Life Stress Test to 5,717 points and an excellent performance stability of 99.1%. For now, from this point of view, ROG Phone 5 is the best smartphone that has passed our tests in this way. We are also doing great in the PC Mark tests, we would not fully compare here: PC Mark recently launched a new version of its Work 3.0 test, so we do not know how the 12,000-point Asus is compared to the competition. But absolutely great is the result of working with loitm, there is a phone for absolute pizza.

And what about practice, how is it?

Vborn. You don’t have to discuss performance. Peak hardware and Android 11 (which has visible rights from the manufacturer, but nothing changes in the logic) work smoothly and the phone is maximally smooth and fast. The much lb display ROG Phone 5: AMOLED panel has a depth of 6.78 inches and nothing botheres it anywhere: it is neither bent at the sides, nor carried or a ring, Asus preferred to give the phone above and below the display a little frame and wrap it without necessity . With a resolution of 2,448 x 1,080 pixels and to help with peak performance and long battery life, the 144 Hz refresh rate completes the beautiful smoothness of the day. Using ROG Phone 5 is simply a joy.

A nen perostl?

Yes and no. The fact that it is a large phone is clearly the bottom of the screen. The fact that Asus does not care about the absolute elimination of lines has no significant effect on it, the diameter here and there does not matter. The same goes for the battery: it adds to the thickness and so on the weight, 238 grams is quite enough. The dimensions are then 172.8 x 77.3 x 10.3 mm. So definitely read ROG Phone 5 in your hand, but on the other hand, the rm and the sideways to the back are nicely rounded and ROG Phone 5 actually fits in your hand quite a while.

You talked about spades vbav…

Yes, in addition to changing the processor and a lot of RAM, ROG Phone 5 also gave top equipment. There is a flow of fingerprints on the display, which is also well placed, not at the bottom, but nicely somewhere above about a quarter of the height of the display. But it could be a bit of a pig, we know the ones that were used better. The phone thus has a pressure-sensitive range that allows you to perform selected functions: the device is held in the palm of your hand with the set force and that’s it.

There are also small features such as Always-On display, dual-SIM and a light panel on the walls of the phone. This is one of the unusual elements of the design, but it is also practical: after pressing the off button, you will see the battery status, when using the phone there can be effective animations: the panel is slightly distinct and looks a bit like a retro element. , would definitely not be for anyone. But the basic version does not have a panel, you only have a light logo. The Ultimate m panel ernobl.

What about a camera?

This is one of the few areas where the ROG Phone 5 hasn’t moved much compared to its predecessor, the ROG Phone 3: the focus hardware is the same, even if you still have image stabilization, which is the code. The main camera with a resolution of 64 megapixels is definitely a potent potency and the pictures are not bad, only in hormone light it wants a very stable hand, for a while it can give you sweat. The phone gives me non reim, which works for a while, but with stabilization it would of course make things better.

irokohl fok with a resolution of 13 megapixels is such a standard, nowhere, does not inspire (in the given category), you miss the automatic focus, which some rivals have and thus allow you to take interesting macro shots. In addition, the ROG Phone 5 has a special five-megapixel macro lens: it can be used at speed, but be better when you switch the main focus to full-resolution 64 megapixel shooting (otherwise 16 megapixel shots long) and take the necessary drive. So the camera is solid, but don’t buy ROG Phone 5 just for it.

Mm if you can?

Asus ROG Phone 5 is really a bloated phone that darkens in performance. And the combination is very popular, because it gives me practical benefits: a great battery and an excellent display that is a joy to watch. If you have these priorities first, then you probably won’t be a little bit priced. We really recommend bringing at least a version with 256 GB of internal memory and 12 GB of RAM, which costs 24,000 crowns.

But of course there is enough competition. Asus has it in its own hands, albeit from a different barrel: the compact Zenfone 8 m display with a 5.92-inch flap, a little lower power and a price tag of 19,490 crowns for a variant with 256 GB of internal memory (version with 128 is about a thousand levnj). However, it is significantly less battery, slow recharged and so on.

peak Xiaomi Mi 11 with a 6.81-inch panel with a resolution of 3,200 x 1,440 pixels costs only 21,500 crowns, but again, compared to the ROG Phone 5, a miniature battery with a capacity of 4,600 mAh. Nadupan OnePlus 9 Pro will come on a similar pension as Asus, it will definitely have a better focus, but you will not have a battery again. In all these cases, however, it is definitely worth it compared to the spade Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or spade iPhone 12. Samsung stands at about 31 thousand.