Nokia has an affordable new product, which is a bit confusing

The Nokia brand was one of the few last mobile innovations of this year. The new model 5.4 belongs to the middle of now and is this year the second model of birds in the series. Nevertheless, it is not so fully a successor to the 5.3 type from this spring and it shows that Nokia has a little look at the direction that will be taken with its smartphones in the first year.

According to HMD Global, a company that makes Nokia-branded mobile phones, the new Nokia 5.4 is a smartphone for those looking for advanced features and regular updates at a nice price. With the Nokia 5.4, we wanted to offer a powerful phone at an affordable price to satisfy everyone who is currently trying to keep their data under control, thanks to the new HMD Global Vice President Juho Sarvikas.

It is clear from the meeting that in the 5.4 model, Nokia tried to find a compromise in what the phone should offer today and what can be omitted without all the practical steps. That is why the Nokia 5.4 is not a successor to the 5.3, which was introduced this spring. Well, at least in naich och. Nokia 5.4 is another medium model with solid equipment, which can appeal to a slightly different customer than Nokia 5.3.

From the old type, the novelty is mainly the price for the camera: again, there are three meshes, they match the set for type 5.3. This main film was vastly improved. Instead of a tinctimegapixel module, there is a new 48 megapixel focus and Nokia promises very good snmk quality. irokohl fok with a resolution of 5 megapixels, two-megapixel macro lens and two-megapixel snma for depth of field data are, however, next to it only paper accessories, which is a bit of a code Nokia on the camera on Wednesday, so far did not lead to perfection.

In other areas we can find and put steps. Type 5.4 received a display with a 6.39 inch flap and a small ring (13 megapixel fok in nm) in the upper left corner, which is a bit less panel than type 5.3 (6.55). It may be a reaction to criticism, that such a large display is much less distinct: Nokia 5.4 retains it, its display specifically has 1,560 x 720 pixels, the aspect ratio is 19.5: 1. The display is a standard IPS type and you and your refresh rate will not quite understandably. Let’s add that many competitors in this category can offer FullHD + different.

Otherwise, the steps in the equipment are quite solid and the Nokia 5.4 model does not lack anything important: it’s just such a classic is not medium: the print is on the walls, NFC is not missing, the manufacturer offers the phone as a two-frame, pleasant presence of a modern USB-C connector. The body is plastic, but I have a relatively interesting design in two colors: dark blue and purple. Nokia has equipped the new Snapdragon 662 processor (type 5.3 m 665) with 4 GB of RAM and either 64 or 128 GB of internal memory, as well as 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of memory (this shows the pressure on availability).

In some markets, the Nokia 5.4 could be sold by the end of this year, but then with the launch in ptm. This will also apply to the Czech market, prices and availability of the local branch have not been published. On the other hand, this means that Nokia will launch an Android 10 phone instead of Android 11 in 2021: the update should be able to drive in the first quarter, but it’s a bit of a code.

As for the global price, it starts at around 189 euros, in Germany the Nokia 5.4 VAT will be sold for 219 euros. That’s 5,800 crowns, with us we can probably expect a bit of a starting line, the other very similarly equipped Nokia 5.3 has started this year at a price of 5,400 crowns and you can safely buy it for a hundred under five thousand crowns.