Realme has started selling a phone with exceptional functionality. Jin on the market is not

The Realme brand has launched the 7th model model on the Czech market. Pitom Realme 7 5G is not an expensive device.

Realme is only a two-year-old brand of the BBK Group, which was basically the first to enter the Czech market a year ago. It was possible to order OnePlus online, but it won the Czech distributor this year. Vivo will be added for five years, only the main features of the group, which is Oppo, do not yet have information on entering the Czech market.

Realme models usually have a price set quite aggressively and pay even for the new 7 5G. It costs 7,490 K, but in the case of the black bird it will be on sale at Alza a thousand crowns cheaper. And this is really a very attractive price with regard to the parameters of the phone.

Realme 7 5G will be among the cheapest 5G phones on the market. Respectively, even for the standard price, it will be the cheapest, the Xiaomi Mi10 Lite is 200 crowns more expensive, the Motorola G 5G will cost 8,000 crowns. For an acne price, the novelty is unbeatably the cheapest.

Jene Realme 7 5G um 5G on both SIMs, which has not been possible on the Czech market. Regardless of the price, even phones for 40,000 crowns do not have such a function. Yes, the use of 5G is minimal in the Czech Republic, but in five years it will probably change significantly. It is also such a convenient inconvenience, it is not a problem Realme, but the Czech market. Let’s add that the phone has a kind of hybrid slot, also a kind of SIM or memory card.

The fact that the new 5G on both SIMs is a matter of importance for the Mediatek Dimensity 800U processor. It is also a new generation Mediatek processor, which is a manufactured technology and will certainly not lag behind competitors.

The rest of the phone is very similar to the basic model 7, the differences are there. Although the display has the same 6.5-inch depth and FHD + resolution, it manages a refresh rate of 120 Hz, with a base of only 90 Hz. What is a strong advantage of news.

The dimensions and weight are essentially the same as for a 5,000mAh battery and a 30W charged with darkness, and an adequate charger is included in the package. The design does not differ at all, the difference is in the shape of the main photomodule. Seven lenses in a row, the novelty is m in two.

The set of cameras is the same, with a main 48Mpix image from Samsung with a brightness of f / 1.8. Give him a wide ip with a resolution of 8 Mpix, 2Mpix macro and 2Mpix ernobl portrtn snma. So the usual phone set is not medium, here the manufacturers chop it like a dog dill.

If we compare all three models from the 7 series, the novelty is probably an ideal universal choice, especially with regard to the 5G near future. Who doesn’t need 5G, can easily find a cheaper model 7. It costs from 5,490 K with 6 + 64 GB memory, the 6 + 128 GB variant comes out to 5,890 K and the highest version 8 + 128 to 6,690 K.

Realme 7 5G, as we mentioned, will be standardized at 7 490 K and in action at 6 490 K. Nejdra Realme 7 For 7 990 K am a little better camera (mainly 64 Mpix resolution, the rest is basically the same, in resolution mi eln snma) am jet rychlej nabjen.