Samsung S21 became cheaper against pedchdcm. Replace the missing offer

The new spikes of the Samsung Galaxy S21 are, of course, quite expensive smartphones. Quite a pleasant surprise is that most versions start to be sold at a slightly lower price than the S20 types last year. Users will make up for the lack of packaging in the package.

Customers can order the new Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra, for it, not much expected. After years of healthy Samsung’s approach to pricing has been relatively intense. The basic S21 and the S21 Ultra peak are cheaper than the predecessors at the time, with the S21 + type the situation is a bit more complicated. Overall, the price range of news is much less than last year.

Galaxy S21 series models with several controversial decisions: we will not find a charger in the package with the phone, there is only a USB-C cable, the charger must be purchased separately if necessary. The news does not have microSD card memory slots, which in a way forces users to buy memory variants.

Finally, the Galaxy S21 and S21 + return to flat panel displays instead of curved. This is a practical idea, but for Samsung so cheaply cheap and in a premium smartphone, where style also plays a significant role, this step can be seen as a step.

Therefore, it is a time that the news did not hurt compared to the losk models. On the contrary, there is definitely a discount, which is most evident in the most expensive pieces. On the other hand, there is the fact that losk types are cheaper with the introduction of new products, and for many customers, new models will be a more suitable choice.

The base is cheaper, but without the charge

The basic Samsung Galaxy S21 will go on sale for 22,490 crowns, while last year the S20 model hit 22,990 korunches, and the price hit these values ​​even after the spring’s rise in the smartphone due to the fall in the koruna’s exchange rate. The discount on the questionnaire is not dramatic at all, and in addition, the discount for many recipients will be removed. In the package with the phone, these errors are available for purchase in the Samsung e-shop for 499 crowns.

By the way, in the world the S21 is cheaper than the S20, it will be 849 euros, while last year the S20 model hit 899 euros. Only in the Czech Republic will there not be so much discount, because after the spring fall in the koruna’s exchange rate, the koruna strengthened a bit, and so prices have stabilized, but will not return to full. What you can see is that Samsung can sweat in all its expectations with a rate of about 26.4 crowns for one euro, in recent days the center of the rate is around 26.2 crowns, also Samsung has only a small reserve.

This means that the company is not happy to pull an extra pension due to the exchange rate. You are the one who wants more memory. Losk models with us were on sale only in the storage memory version 128 GB, because they had a card slot and so the represented variants did not bring it here (even though you both appeared from other channels), this year the S20 can also be sold in the variant with 256 GB internal memory, which costs 23,990 crowns, so the surcharge is 1,500 crowns.

The sun microSD card with 128 GB of memory costs about 600 crowns, so let Samsung pay for it here. We can then see the price from one point of view: even the basic S21 has 5G support this year, the S20 did not sell in the 5G version again, and if so, it was about two thousand crowns for a fee of vi. In this respect, the S21 with 5G is cheaper to go, on the other hand, there is a step in the form of a flat panel display.

Zdrail, nezdrail

Due to the set trend in the basic design, it is a bit strange that the new Galaxy S21 + is more expensive than its predecessor. Although, how to take it. The price of S21 + is CZK 27,990, the version with vt memory costs CZK 29,490. Losk S20 + started at 25,990 korunch, the spring price increased to 27,990 crowns, ie also where S21 + starts.

We have the same standard 5G support, with which it was offered sporadically with our S20 + and its price was originally 30,490 crowns. Also, compared to the 5G version, the S21 + is actually cheaper, the version with more memory is also cheaper, which is recommended in this case.

Galaxy S21 models dinner (K) price (Eur) Galaxy S20 models water price (K) original price (Eur) jarn zdraen (K) current price (K)
Galaxy S21 8/128 GB 22490 849 Galaxy S20 128 GB 22990 899 22990 17490
Galaxy S21 8/256 GB 23990
Galaxy S21+ 8/128 GB 27990 1049 Galaxy S20+ 128 GB 25990 999 27990 21690
Galaxy S21+ 8/256 GB 29490
Galaxy S21 Ultra 12/128 GB 33490 1249 Galaxy S20 Ultra 12/128 GB 34990 1349 37490 27490
Galaxy S21 Ultra 12/256 GB 34990
Galaxy S21 Ultra 16/512 GB 37990 1399 Galaxy S20 Ultra 16/512 GB 39990 1549 42990

This time the appropriate price is actually due to the movement of the koruna’s exchange rate. S21 + was officially successful, while its predecessor started selling in Europe for 999 euros, the novelty is for me for 1,049 euros. This increase means that the prices of news of the graduation center are even, which did not apply last year.

The best really got cheaper

The Galaxy S21 Ultra peak costs 1,249 euros (100 mn not S20 Ultra), and there is a difference of 200 euros between the individual types in the basic design. In Czech, this means a starting price of 33,490 crowns, which is significantly less, not how much the S20 Ultra could be sold last year. He started at 34,990 korunch, the spring healthy bag increased the price to 37,490 crowns. The difference is to go to the peak.

The S21 Ultra is still available in 256 GB format, which is an alternative to the alternative S20 Ultra. Prostedn proveden stoj
34,990 crowns, ie as many as last year’s Ultra left before last year. The peak version with 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal memory will then cost 37,990 crowns.

The Ultra peak is in this case about five thousand crowns more suitable, not a losk model. At the same time, last year the S20 Ultra also had our standard 5G support, so we don’t have to calculate it here either. And the new S21 Ultra has only two steps compared to its predecessor: the lack of a charge (available for 500 crowns) and the absence of a microSD slot, the curved display remained here.

By the way, the price difference between 128 GB and 512 GB variant of the Ultra in model equals thousands of crowns, which is an acceptable surcharge. If you would like to recharge the memory of your smartphone with 128 GB with the help of microSD, you would have to buy a 512 GB card, which costs Samsung CZK 2,600. Here with extra memory (true, not about 512 GB, but about 384 GB) the user can go 4 GB of RAM in addition.

Advantageous pre-order

As usual with Samsung, the new phones will be available in advance first, and customers who pre-order the news from January 14 to January 28 can then get a bargain. This time is suitable in the form of headphones and smartphones for free, it is necessary to register on the website after purchasing the phone and then, after receiving the accessories, order them free of charge with the obtained electronic voucher on the Samsung e-shop.

If you are interested in the Galaxy S21 and S21 + models, get new Galaxy Buds Live headphones and Smart Tag headphones, new Galaxy Buds Pro headphones and Smart Tag headphones for the S21 Ultra Samsung. For white models, customers will receive accessories worth 5,398 crowns, for the Ultra type 6,898 crowns. Samsung has also pre-ordered new Galaxy Buds Pro headphones. It costs 5,999 crowns and those who pre-order it by 28 January will automatically receive a wireless wireless pad charger for them (registration is not required here) (its price is otherwise 999 crowns).

With the advent of new models, of course, the prices become cheaper, their offer has slightly decreased, and some e-shops do not even have a way. However, in the Samsung e-shop, the basic S20 costs 17,490 crowns, the S21 + type costs 21,690 crowns, its 5G variant can be bought from O2 for 22,695 crowns and the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G peak with 128 GB of memory costs 27,490 crowns, Samsung therefore, the price is cheaper by 10,000 crowns compared to the spring exchange rate. The Ultra type with 512 GB of memory dropped out of the offer, here it is clear that Samsung wants to lure customers to new models.