Samsung will start selling phones with which it has not yet bothered in the Czech Republic

And this was not the case once, Samsung is now a prmiov character. Of course, this also applies to mobile phones, so in recent years the company has not been involved in the category of the cheapest devices. This is a bag for me and this trend will stop in the Czech Republic.

Samsung doesn’t really want to make cheap mobile phones. There was a profit on them and a lot of disagreement with the premium exchange of characters. Not that Samsung didn’t choose cheap mobile phones, but it didn’t praise them for developing markets. He didn’t really offer them in Europe.

The new A-Series, which Samsung introduced last spring, will be a highlight. The cheapest A10 model appeared on the Czech market with a well-known bottom and the store disappeared relatively quickly from the offer. The year of the successor to the A11 did not start selling in the Czech Republic at all. The manufacturer basically started with the A2x models, who gradually launched a whole series on the market.

The change took place before the month when the manufacturer launched the M11 model on the Czech market, a basic device that offers an economical and affordable range. So a basic model here in Europe, in India can go a few poor people in the amount of 1,500 crowns. But that’s an extreme. Samsung M11 started on
4,490 K, just buy it after 3 months for 3,590 crowns. This is the sun seup, but a necessity in the fight against the competition.

The cheapest samsung on the market

This made the M11 the cheapest Samsung on the Czech market. And it will probably last him (if he fails again) even in the first half of the year, and he has two basic models of the A series on the market. Specifically, the A12 and A02s. Especially the species is surprised, this is not the latest series of A, so far the manufacturer did not want only for the developers and some of the markets. The additional label indicates that there could be a cut variant, but it does not fall into the Czech Republic.

So let’s start with this model, its launch on the Czech market is surprising. It is a device with basic equipment, a 6.5-inch display with HD + resolution and a TFT panel. The drive is the old ip Snapdragon 450 from Qualcomm. Operating memory is 3 GB and user memory is 32 GB. What are the same parameters as in the changed model M11 (it can change the display by one tenth of an inch).

The camera has three lenses, only one lens with a resolution of 13 Mpix. Give him 2Mpix chips for depth of field and for macro shots. So a traditional set of cheap mobile phones, which must have as many eyes as possible on the walls to make it look like time.

Preference is given to batteries with a capacity of 5,000 mAh and 15W fast charged. Fingerprint fingerprint error. Today, Samsung does not mention such an essential function of NFC that it is possible to pay with a mobile phone, even with the A12 model. But the Samsung M11 has it, so we can hope that it will be present here as well.

Vyplat se?

The problem of the news is the public price. Samsung will get 3,990 K for A02s from Aora, ie 400 crowns more than the M11 model. And it’s actually the same with a better camera, which has a wide-angle lens. If the prices do not change, then A02s don’t make much sense.

The Samsung A12 will stt 4,790 and 5,390 K, respectively, according to memory. That’s about the amount Samsung wants for the current A21s model with the least memory. And when comparing the two phones, the A12 will be a good choice. Respectively, the differences between the individual models are not large and it is about details and design.

A little better parameters

The basic parameters of A12 are the same as for A02s. So a 6.5-inch TFT panel with HD + resolution. In this case, Samsung chose the MediaTek Helio P35 ip and added 4 GB of RAM and 64 or 128 GB of user space. Therefore, the two prices, the difference is only in the memory.

The battery is the same, ie 5,000 mAh and 15W fast charged. The camera. This time there are those meshes. The main image is 48 Mpix, irokohl pak 5 Mpix. The other two are opt only for cooperation (depth of field) and for leopard (macro). Front camera m different 8 Mpix, levnj A02s only 5 Mpix. And I’m not even missing a fingerprint. The Samsung A12 will go on sale in January 2021 in bl, ern and blue colors with a plastic cover. Cheap A02s will only be in black and blue colors.