TCL surprises with a tablet without backlight and a fitness dog for dogs

The Czech TCL brand, which is slowly becoming popular in Europe in the field of smartphones and other smart products, introduced its news for this year. Besides the range of smartphones, you weren’t unusual for me: a tablet with a display without backlight, glasses that replace a home theater or a special fitness dog for dogs.

This year, TCL will introduce a total of five new smartphones in the first half of the year, which belong to this year’s TCL 20 series models. The space between them is then filled with types TCL 20 5G, TCL 20L and TCL 20S.

The company presented details about two new products that are basically ready to enter the market and are even available in some markets: the TCL 20 SE model and the TCL 20 5G type, which should be one of the currently most available 5G phones. Both are medium-sized and low-medium smartphones, which do not attract users to the necessary maximum equipment, but want to attract attention with the performance / price ratio.

TCL has not done much so far in the Czech Republic so far, and it is a question whether the news can change that. The TCL 20 SE model may have the most accessible piece of characters, it can be sold abroad for 149 euros, so less than three thousand crowns. For this plug, the customer will receive a device with a large 6.82-inch display with a resolution of 1,640 x 720 pixels, three cameras (16mpx barrel, 5mpx wide angle and a reprehensible two-megapixel sensors for macro and depth of field), a solid portion of 64 GB internal memory and 4 GB RAM, Snapdragon 460 processor and 5,000mAh batteries.

It does not seem that the smartphone will stand out from the crowd with its equipment and price, but TCL wants to capture in practice, for example, the quality of the color display, what is something the company bases on and what is also evaluated in tests. On the other hand, such a large display with low resolution can thwart these efforts a bit.



TCL 20 5G

TCL 20 5G

TCL 20 5G will only stick to the furnace. Stt m double, ie about eight thousand crowns (299 euros) and in addition to the 6.67-inch display (2,400 x 1,080 pixels) with a miniature ring, it will lure for 5G support, which will be provided by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 5G ipset. The pictures are those 48 megapixels main, eight megapixels wide and two megapixels for macro. Unfortunately, the completely meaningless macro shots have fully adhered to TCL as well. The phone has 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB of internal memory and a battery capacity of 4,500 mAh.

It will be flexible

While the two TCL mobile news at first glance will probably fit a little between the other new smartphones, the next year’s new TCL news will definitely not be a threat. For a long time, the company has shown various concepts for the use of flexible displays in smartphones, and in the framework of the new products presented, we have been able to confirm that this year we will be able to do a piece of srie from TCL. The bag should be put on the market later in the year, which is in line with our original rules.

The technology is well developed, the first product will be launched later this year. Let’s not be surprised, TCL representative Stefan Streit revealed. So I don’t even know the price, but at TCL I know that such a technique makes sense to them in smartphones with a price below 1,000 euros, so let’s say somewhere around the limit of 25,000 crowns. We can expect TCL to prepare this method in the news.

The question is the specific form of the construction of the novelty, or even Streit will not notice anything, we are guessing that it is a classic lid, as a one that makes a sense to the general public. The tablet folder is for the group and the scroll design, which TCL so far, will probably not get far in development yet.

Impress with unusualness

In addition to these mobile news, TCL also introduced devices that are quite unusual this time. The very unusual feature is the tablet with the Android operating system and the unusual 8.88-inch display (1,440 x 1,080 pixels), which is backlit. TCL will call it Nxtpaper ams nm primarily for users for whom comfort is a priority.

TCL Nxtpaper

TCL Nxtpaper

The display has a special reflective layer that abrades the surrounding light with more light in the surroundings, so much more reflection, and usability should always be regular under normal lighting conditions, and the display should always be exposed to artificial light. Especially for the long-term text, it should therefore be a very comfortable one, which will be tiring less than a tablet.

In addition to less, the TCL also promises the construction (thickness is 7.45 mm) and thus 65% more battery life than a similar regular tablet. Battery TCL Nxtpaper has a capacity of 5,500 mAh. The disadvantage of the whole ene is, of course, that the display will not be customizable in the dark, it will be necessary to illuminate the TCL with an additional lamp. It is not just for everyone, but the effort is certainly interesting. With a price of 349 euros, ie about 9,200 crowns, this is definitely not a cheap affair and the launch on the Czech market is probably quite uncertain.

In the field of tablets, a tablet with 5G support will be available from TCL pr this year, but again and later in the year. The first comes without ten-inch Tab 10s without 5G. But the dark news doesn’t end there. The ripple is, for example, a pet bag, which, like fitness bracelets, monitors their activity and can track them down. Vdr battery should be 14 days, the height is IP67 resistance and will be about 2,600 crowns (99 euros).

TCL Wearable display

TCL Wearable display

The last unusual novelty that TCL is planning is the TCL Wearable Display glasses, which have a pair of small OLED displays with a resolution of 1,080p and, in TCL’s ideas, can, for example, replace home cinema. The glasses are interesting in that the display area does not occupy the entire field of view, the user also has a view of the bottom of the area, just looking at the display can focus on the content.

Its source should be a smartphone with which the glasses are connected. TCL did not reveal much more detail about the fact that the official launch will take place later in the year, in conjunction with a partner. Assuming that this could be one of the streaming content providers. Opt, we dare say that this news does not have much to mention in the Czech Republic.

This wireless headphone TCL MoveAudio S600 with suppression of ambient noise and a mode for amplifying ambient sound could go on sale with us, the price of 149 euros, ie about three thousand crowns, but it does not dramatically deviate from what the competition offers.