Very cheap motorola, surprising with a camera, but it doesn’t pay off

Motorola was spewing one new phone after another this year. The last is the basic model E7. It is a cheap, surprisingly high-resolution camera, only much more is worth the sold sibling E7 Plus. For a small fee, he offers more.

The new motorola is a good example of how the manufacturers themselves complicate marketing. The introduced new E7 will go on sale in January 2021
3 299 K. Only the other parameters and price can be compared with the recently introduced E7 Plus model, and the positive news will not come out of this comparison. The reason is simple, the Motorola E7 Plus became cheaper on the market in two months and became a strong competitor for the new sibling.

The current model costs 3,490 K, so it is only about 200 crowns more expensive. At the same time, more memory is operated by the user and the user in the battery. These are things that are much more than 200 crowns worth.

It is very clear that the novelty will have to go relatively fast with the price down. Although it is possible that customers in this price category do not look so much at the comparable model and go for the lowest prices. Which is a mistake, because the differences between the two models are the key to trouble-free operation.

Yes, E7 and E7 Plus have the same composition. If it changes memory, battery and processor. A cheaper novelty is probably the Helio G25 Mediatek, but at first the manufacturer does not brag about it in the press. Dra E7 Plus mv trobch Qualcomm Snapdragon 460. There will probably not be a big difference here, helio is newer, but it will be very similar to the performance.

Operational memory is important for trouble-free operation, and in this respect the novelty is not the best. I have only 2 GB of operan memory, which is absolutely a repository. This Plus model has 4 GB of memory, ideal for a cheap mobile phone. The same goes for user memory, E7 m 32 GB, E7 Plus double 64 GB. Opt substantial difference

If the battery. Cheap model model with a capacity of 4,000 mAh, expensive model battery with a capacity of 5,000 mAh. The consumption can be influenced by the processor and here the helio could be a bit more controversial, but also the manufacturer of the E7 udv vdr day and pl and the E7 Plus days two. Both phones have 10W charged and the necessary charge in the package. In both cases, Android 10 is a good idea.

The rest is essentially the same. A little if the design, but only in the details. The colors of the plastic print are different and the E7 Plus is a bit stronger at the waist. Both devices have a 6.5-inch display with HD + resolution. Both have a fingerprint on the walls and the set of the main camera is the same.

Vpedu je ip jin, u levnj E7 m rozlien 5 Mpix, u draho E7 Plus 8 Mpix. At the back is the same set of two eyelets, the main image and depth of field. The main image on a cheap mobile phone is a surprisingly high resolution of 48 Mpix with a connecting pixel, also at the input is a 12Mpix image. The luminosity of the lens is f / 1.7, which is a very sunny value.

The novelty is the most basic phone on offer, some parameters are practically impossible to control, it could probably be saved on a camera and some details. From a practical point of view, the bag is better to look at, and if the fee is only 200 crowns, the E7 Plus model with vt memory is definitely a better choice.