Xiaomi breaks the record this year. Hdankou is in which model

Xiaomi should present a phone that will be extremely fast to charge this year. It is not clear which model it should be. Get ready for the Mi 11 Ultra.

With the information source of the Digital Chat Station, which usually has good information. According to him, Xiaomi should present a phone that will have 200W charged in the second half of this year. Battery with capacity
The supplied 5,000 mAh should be charged in about a quarter of an hour and 20 minutes.

If that happens, it will be an absolute record. The previous one is Xiaomi with the small Mi 10 Ultra model, which is 120W charged. In this case, it takes 23 minutes to charge a line with a capacity of 4,500 mAh. A limited number of competitors got the same performance and this year and it is likely that Xiaomi could beat this year.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra is a spade device, which at the time of the premiere paid for the best photo car on the market and attracted other parameters from the equipment. The problem was that Xiaomi did not send this model to the world, it was available and is only on the domestic market. Those interested can buy it through German stores, prices range from 20,000 crowns depending on the version and without taxes.

Nobody Digital Chat Station has indicated which model of Xiaomi should be charged with. Offer that it could be the successor to the ultra board change, ie Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. It has not been introduced yet, and the basic model from the same series will be sold or, depending on the market, will be sold in the near future.

Well equipped phone

niche weaving Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra show a bloated phone with a very unusual set of the main camera. The main image has a resolution of 50 Mpix and a second two 48Mpix images. One wide angle and a type of telephoto periscopes with tenfold optical and 120x digital zoom. The most interesting bag is next to the lens, it’s had a display.

According to them, this model should be launched on the market, at least in the second half of the year, and the predecessor’s locomotive should be premiered in August. It is possible that the phone with 200W will be another model. One of the speculations is that it could be the Mi Mix 4 model, the successor to the world-famous Mi Mix 3 model.

But not much is known about it, one of the possibilities is that it will be a stackable mobile phone with a flexible display. Its premiere should take place in the autumn. What would match the information from Digital Chat Station.