Xiaomi has announced a new super market price. It also reaches the esk market

The Redmi patc under the Xiaomi insignia has announced that it is introducing a new series of K40 models. The individual models will be powered by the currently most powerful Snadragon 888 processor. The price is significantly lower than the competition.

Xiaomi recently moved the Redmi model line into separate characters. This is especially important in the Czech market, in Europe it is still a model of the Xiaomi series. Not all Redmi models are sold in Europe, they are cheaper. The Redmi K series models are not available in Europe. You now procure Mi and give a relatively new Poco sub-flag.

And the first Poco is based on some of our Redmi models. The example is the Poco F2 Pro blockbuster, which brought the hardware at the highest price. F2 For a small losk top processor Snapdragon 865 and started at a price of 14,990 K, buy it today for 9,990 crowns.

And why do we mention the new Redmi K40? The Poco F2 Pro was based on the Redmi K30 Pro model. So it is most likely that Xiaomi will proceed the same this year and the Model K40 should create a Poco. Marked does not know yet, but it is not so important.

It is also important that the Redmi K40 series will contain several models and the cheapest one will start on the German market for the price of 2,999 yuan. That’s less than 10,000 crowns. With VAT, the basic model should cost about 12,000 crowns and the Pro version under 15,000 crowns. So the same as last year, the Poco F2 Pro model.

We don’t know the complete equipment yet, but the Snapdragon 888 processor has been confirmed, ie a completely new IP urn for the most powerful phones. You will be deployed in American versions of the upcoming Samsung S21, which are phones with a price over 20,000 crowns. Xiaomi introduced it to the Mi11 series models with the same processor, they are so expensive, start at 3,999 yuan.

According to the manufacturer, the display revealed a high refresh rate, but without further detail, whether the panel type will be. We know the capacity of the battery, it will be 4,000 mAh. And out of two, the phones should support 33W fast charging.

The introduction of the European variant of the Redmi K40, probably under the Poco logo, will take place later. The term does not change at this time, we estimate the end of the second quarter of this year. After all, even the top models of the Xiaomi Mi11 had only a German premiere, the European optics will take place later.