Earth legendary hunter arlatn. Look how the breath took his trick

At the age of 92, James Randi, an illusionist known for his outspoken, fraudulent deceptionist, arlatant and occultist, died. His organization has offered a million dollars to those who practice supernormal abilities. No one has been like that. In our video, take a look at the card trick that surprised us when he was in Prague.

The Canadian-American illusionist and skeptic became famous mainly because he revealed famous manipulators on television. Their claim to supernatural abilities was twisted by a simple ukzka.

Randi knew for a very long time how manipulators work with the audience and the attention of the audience. Sm was able to replicate the tricks that these psychotronics or salesmen had done. Sometimes even and pli pesvdiv. Both of them audience knew that Randi actually controlled the supernatural and just didn’t want to admit it.

James Randi and I met in June 2017 for a long conversation about skepticism, arlatn, homeopathic and fraudulent. Before the conversation, he showed him a card trick in the hotel lobby.

Let’s face it, we didn’t have much. For an 89-year-old hunter who has joint problems and barely locks the card, we tried to be a patient audience. But as we found out in a few minutes, we just ran into a game that Randi played with us. His card trick was enchanted not only by the execution, but as dark as the surprised girl at the end of the pistachio. See for yourself.

Illusionist lidi bav, arlatni lidsk dvry zneuvaj

Randi got the permission of the illusionist as a child. I didn’t go to the wheel in a billion. It was a waste of time for me. I often literally slept there, because I knew the subject. Instead, he went to the museum, to the library and thus to the illusionist performance.

He later devoted himself to no one, following the example of the great Houdini. He found out that it was a good way to get into the newspapers, so he started giving presents to police officers and bachae. Sometimes I didn’t wonder how easy it was. In one bridge I managed to escape from the cell before, not the stubble down to the end of the corridor.

Through his own illusions, even the fraudster began to understand. They used the same trick, but not to entertain the audience, but to indulge in human net and human courtesy.

In 1964, Randi offered a thousand dollars to someone who was supernatural. Gradually the reward rose to a million dollars. One thousand candidates gradually applied for the prize, but none of them succeeded. It was enough for him to demonstrate his abilities in an independent experiment, he agreed with the organizers in advance. This shows that sometimes the manipulators themselves are obscure to their manipulations, because they themselves are aware that they have supernatural abilities.

It’s good to realize that if you make a mistake, Kal Randi. Therefore, it is necessary to have two scientific methods. I’m not far from science, I’m just an illusionist. I never hated being a widower. But I know the methods and dream of applying it.

James Randi has been an active member of the rationalist skeptic since the 1980s. He specialized in the public detection of fraudulent allegations of supernatural abilities. Demonstrate how to manipulate, underlay and confuse.

The Best of James Randi

James Randi exposed fraudsters in the transmission even in front of the audience

Not always did Randi reveal the patin effect. You his most famous performance, when in front of a national audience live on TV showed that Uri Geller is fraudulent his revealed paradoxically increased Gellerv’s voice, and for some people it was paradoxically another proof that Geller really had supernatural abilities: If it was a trick, then that furnace would always work.

Penka and spe presented by James Randi from 2010:

Nkoho pesvdte, nkoho ne

Randi was famously exposed for Jacques Benveniste’s fake gratitude on the memory of water. Homeopaths from around the world have clung to this study as proof that even a senseless mason is still stle inn. But when skeptics (led by James Randi) went to the author’s lab, they were able to show that the experiment was manipulated. It was enough for the researchers not to know which tube was supposed to contain as a sample (the labels were sealed, glued to the ceiling and under the supervision of everyone) and suddenly the water was there.

The investigator said that Dr. Benveniste could not ensure that his laboratory complied with scientific procedures. The results therefore rubbed off his pn, not reality.

James Randi knew at the time that a dog of all ages could not convince anyone who came across a scam that he had become a clever trick of a fraud. Some let you make your mistake, and some don’t. I am regularly informed during my previous and prominent stories that there will be some, eight people with tears in their eyes. And always use that identical sentence: I changed my life. When you experience this, you get the feeling that your work makes sense, it makes sense to someone else. that you managed to convince someone. It’s a feeling of unpaid. We can’t imagine a better reason for instilling deception and illusion.