HUNDRED DISCOVERY: Nobel Radiation took Sklodowsk years of life

Devn klna. Suffocating soil on the ground, cracked glass roof, frost in winter, hot bucket. It was a laboratory, in 1902 Marie Curie-Sklodowska and her husband Pierre isolated radium in 1902. The series on the most significant human discoveries was published by Magazn Vkend.

The Curies announced the discovery of radio in 1898, but then confirmed the existence of a new element only by physically changing its zen. In the scientific world, it was necessary to convince you to chemically isolate radium and to give it somehow in mass form.

It happened in a legendary way. Later, when the Curies had a Nobel Prize, the scouts flocked to them. One of them described his impressions: It was something between a cat stj and a cellar for potatoes. If I hadn’t seen workbenches and chemicals, I would have thought I had become an attempt at a humorous change.

France did not act first in favor of those who moved human knowledge so much and helped to dispel the two notions of the immutability of matter. Chatrn barabizna was originally an autopsy doctor of the faculty, but the husband was grateful for her as well.

Tvrdohlav Marie

She always insisted that the fundamental scientific partner was the physicist and chemist Pierre. But it was she who chose the path closed by the discovery of the radio and rushed for n kupede. A small, charming Polka family began studying physics, chemistry and mathematics in Pai in 1891. She married three years later, but while Pierre first devoted himself to his crystals, Marie eila, how darkness to choose for her doctoral dissertation.

And she was intrigued by Henri Becquerel’s offer to take a closer look at the mysterious uranium woman he had recently come across. She worked tirelessly and gradually analyzed the pslunch minerals to find out that the rays, which she called radioactivity, were not only related to uranium, but also to thorium.

It did not end there, and it led to the revolutionary theory: in the investigated uranium minerals, it must be possible to have more substances, which emit much higher radioactivity than uranium. And she followed in her footsteps.

The element that they actually killed in 1898 (then with Pierre) with the help of an electrometer was named polonium with reference to native Poland. Jet that year they discovered another, substantially stable and abundant element of radium. His professor’s ability was described as immense.

Pierre Curie p

Pierre Curie during one of the attempts to isolate the radio

Pesto is waiting a long time, going for three years of work, not down to the next goal: to isolate radium, and thus definitively convince the scientific world about it. They know that an important source for insulation for them is Jymov uranium pitch. Getting him to the laboratory in sufficient quantities was extremely expensive, but he also found it: cheap wastes, such as heaps in the vicinity of Jchymov.

Only a decigram of tons

Bags of brown dust mixed with pine needles from the Ore Mountains began to creep into Pae, and Marie looked for a place to work with such an amount. She changed the wooden barabizna in the dormitory. In the cauldrons of the iron, she stirred the bad meat, gradually unleashed it and separated the individual components, filtered, and obtained the solutions. Again and again.

Unfinished, physically nron prce. In 1902, the Curie horses had the result extracted from several tons of pitch: a tenth of a gram of certain radium chloride. Poor thing, they went out of his lighthouse at night tit.

A year later, Marie was the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize in Physics with Pierre and Becquerel. In addition to other scientific awards and prestigious titles, she also added the second Nobel Prize in history in 1911, this time for chemistry.

It has not only made itself known by discovering new elements and determining their properties, but has also developed methods for obtaining the same radium, in sufficient quantities. In addition, she developed possibilities for his skull use.

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