Zemel physicist Bedich Abeles. He served in the RAF, inventing propulsion for Voyager

Benjamin (Bedich) Abeles, a physicist and inventor of Czechoslovak origin, died at the age of 95. As one of Winton’s children, he fled from the Nazis to Great Britain, where he served in the RAF. He later cultivated to the USA, where he participated in the invention of an important energy generator for space probes, the so-called thermoelectric generator.

N father (…) Benjamin Abeles died at the age of 95 in Leicester, England, announced on Facebook by David Abeles, his son. Thanks to his grandparents, Nicholas Winton and the transport of children to Britain, he became one of the people who cared about the Nazi persecution. He emphasized that despite his many greetings, his father had a fruitful, meaningful and productive life.

Benjamin Abeles and his documents for transport to Lond

Benjamin Abeles and his documents for transport to London

Pestoe Bedich Abeles is not one of the most famous Czech families, he has earned his place in history not only as a passive participant who, like Winton’s child, escaped from Czechoslovakia to Britain. At the age of barely eighteen, a young man in Britain joined the Czechoslovak Army in the Krlovsk Air Force (RAF). And that was just the arrest of his career.

Cesta to Britnie and the RAF

Benjamin Abeles (also known as Bedich Abeles) was born in 1925 in Vienna, and from the age of eight he lived in Prague, for which he has fond memories. My father and I used to go to Sparta and Slavia football teams, with friends we played football at Letn or went swimming to Obanská plovrna near Ech’s bridge or to Podol, Abeles recalled at the age of 92. When in 1939 it became clear what the Germans had in mind with Jews in the occupied countries, my mother managed to get Benjamin among 669 children transported to Britain.

I am grateful to those who had the courage to give up their child and send him abroad, and to Nicholas Winton and his colleagues, Abeles said. To go today I remember my father’s words: Bedich, does he want to go to England to study? It was a great adventure for me then, I had no idea what it meant to be one of Winton’s children. It was a gift of life.

Benjamin Abeles

Benjamin Abeles archivn snmek

In Britain, he went on an internal school in Maidenhead, but after six months he went to London, where he worked as a nk. In 1943, I enlisted in the Czechoslovak Air Force, which was attached to the RAF. It was a wall for patriotic reasons, but mainly for adventure, Abeles explains. He served in the 311th Czechoslovak Bomber Squadron of the RAF as a ground personnel.

Academic drha: From BUT and out of the sun system

After the wolf, Abeles headed to Prague, where he studied physics at BUT. He received a doctorate in Jerusalem, where he grew up in 1949. Bt idem was usually not and not very suitable, but in 1949 it had its advantages, explained Abeles. I could go to Israel legln. At that time, the Soviet Union considered the state to be a potential ally at the Near Entrance, because the Israeli government was at the time left. I also left in high school just before the communist security.

In Israel, after obtaining a PhD, he began researching germanium electronic systems. When I reported on this darkness at a conference in Amsterdam in 1955, I was offered a job at the RCA (Radio Corporation of America) after Monday, described by milnk Abeles. This was a matter of life, because this company, among other things, developed and produced the first TV.

For the first time in this company, Abeles participated in his most famous invention with the greatest reach. Mon, technically, the greatest impact in human history. Its thermoelectric generator is powered by space probes, including Pioneer 10, Pioneer 11, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2. The first Voyager probes, launched in 1977, are now the most distant objects of human production from Earth. Voyager 1 left the solar system in 2013.

Voyager 1

Sonda Voyager 1

Probe plate cover

Board cover on Voyager probes with a board tip guide and a marked Earth position

A thermoelectric generator produces more electricity, but its temperature. Together with my colleague George Cody, we worked out a way to have the thermal conductivity of a material at temperatures around 1,000 degrees Celsius, Abeles described his discovery years later. These findings from the basic research were used in the development of the thermoelectric generator. It is a relatively small device that is able to convert heat generated usually by radioactive material into electrical energy. It is a metal tube a pl pl meter long with a diameter of 40 centimeters, inside is a heat source of a capsule with plutonium on the circumference of a thermolnka made of an alloy of kemk and germanium. It is necessary to drive several layers of the protective case.

I am very satisfied that I wrote about the construction of a device that has been used for so long and is very reliable, Abeles recalled the doctorate in 1955, which started his race outside the sunny system.

Until his late age, Abeles was active, he played, traveled, learned foreign languages ​​and at the age of 92 he went swimming regularly. My father was really great. He had great empathy and respected solidarity with the very fugitives, remembering his son David in a goodbye. Abeles also appealed to the British government for the first fugitive: When I went to the Prime Minister’s Office in Downing Street, I was honored as my birth for wolves. Children are not responsible for the country they come from. I want them to get bald.