/Tall people are more likely to develop cancer
Tall People Are More Likely To Develop Cancer

Tall people are more likely to develop cancer

Being tall predisposes to cancer, because of the greater number of cells in the body. But do not panic, the large size would be only one risk factor among many others.

Tall people are more likely to develop cancer

More centimeters, more risk of getting cancer? It’s possible. A link between being tall and an increased risk of cancer has already been suggested by studies, but researchers believe they have found an explanation: according to them, the taller you are, the more cells and therefore potential targets. for disease.

However, adults should not worry too much, they stress. Indeed, height weighs very light in the equation: it is very far from being the main risk factor for cancer: age, smoking, being overweight and certain other risk factors play a considerably bigger role. .

10 cm more under the board, 10% more cancer risk

The American researchers, whose work was published Wednesday in the journal Proceedings of Royal Society B, examined data from the United States, Europe and South Korea. They estimate that the risk of being touched by cancer, whether a man or a woman, increases by 10% with each increase in height of 10 cm.

This hypothesis joins that expressed in several other works, including a Swedish study published in 2015.

A risk factor … on which it is very difficult to act

In recent years, researchers have speculated that the increased risk may be due to certain hormones involved in growth. The new study puts forward a simpler (and mathematical) hypothesis: the risk of cancer increases with size because the more cells you have, the more opportunities a cancer has to develop. And to that, the big ones can do nothing about it. “This means that this excess risk is innate and therefore cannot be reduced”, explains lead author of the study, Leonard None, of the University of California at Riverside, in an interview with AFP.

Main concerned, skin cancer

According to him, the excess risk for tall people concerns in particular skin cancer, melanoma. Conversely, the risks of cancer of the stomach, mouth and, in women, of the cervix appear to be independent of size.

The size of an individual is mainly determined by their genes, but according to Mr. Nunney, factors related to their lifestyle during childhood can also play a role.

Despite the conclusions of the study, adults should not panic: the risk increases with height “is a statistical effect, relatively small for most people“, He says.