A dead furnace sign just makes a fuzzy cell phone. But only for myself

It should have been the most interesting smartphone of the year. In January, LG unveiled its prototype and announced that the revolutionary scroll model would go on sale this year. In April, the company announced the end of the mobile division, and the expected Rollable model was swept off the table. However, the company did not make a definitive mark for it, the bag will not get on the market.

According to the portal The Korea Herald, the South Korean company LG was supposed to confirm on Monday, May 24, that the furnace is only considering the production of the announced smartphone scroller at the beginning of the year. Theoretically, she could write down the first place she was probably striving for. This is practically not the case. Production may be limited and, according to the company, the devices will not be created for the purpose of their sale, but exclusively for internal use.

According to its unspecified employee, the company completed the development of the Rollable model before deciding to close the long-term mobile division. Not sure when and in how many pieces the LG roll will eventually be created. Only one hundred and two hundred pieces could be made. None of them will officially enter the market.

All pieces should most likely reach selected top employees of the company. The selected LG will probably choose a very large number of selected individuals in order to eliminate as much as possible the risk that some of the manufactured pieces would get on the market in an unofficial way. If this still happened, there would probably be a high volume of LG Rollable collectors, which would be matched by the selling price.

The LG Rollable is the official first smartphone in the world to be equipped with a flexible display with the option of expanding the display area by rolling it out of the phone. Within LG, it was to represent the most innovative and advanced smartphone in its offer. The prototype introduced in January was really impressive (see LG lk on a scrolling phone, it wants to sell it this year).

Only the company announced practically inevitable at the end of April: after three lost years, it will close its mobile division in July this year and will definitively withdraw from the mobile market. LG now wants to focus on the production of systems for electric cars and smart consumption (see Confirmed, LG will be with smartphones. They will only be on sale).

LG provided a brief overview of Rollable at the consumer electronics trade fair at the end of this year before the release of the smartphone. According to ukzka, its 6.8-inch OLED screen can be stretched to 7.4 inches.

LG will be able to discontinue production and sale of all smartphone products on July 31st. After-sales services for current LG phone users will be offered for three years and software updates will be available for three years.