a fully ordinary mobile phone hid a gold treasure. The dog did not pass

He turned an ordinary cell phone into a hundred-year affair. In his tombs, he tried to dig hundreds of grams of gold into his homeland. Indit customs officers uncovered his ingenious hideout.

Under the term gold mobile phone, most of us imagine a luxurious device of corresponding value. The mobile phone from Dubai to New Delhi, India, would probably not get out of hand at all prices. However, the expensive-looking mobile phone was a long way off, because it is an ordinary stupid model. He reached value only thanks to the treasure hidden in his tombs. A treasure that did not escape the dark customs.

The journey back home for the Indian pawn ended differently, he did not imagine. Namely, the shortening after the piston flight of Emirates airlines to fly in New Delhi and his subsequent accusers of trying to forge hundreds of grams of gold into India. Pieces of this precious metal were discovered by customs in an otherwise inconspicuous mobile phone. The total weight of the plated gold was 623 grams.

According to Indian data, its value exceeded 35 thousand dollars, ie about 762 thousand crowns. It wasn’t the first time he’d paid gold to India. In the first case, he succeeded, the customs escaped. Mon and therefore got the impression that it can be done even pt. Jene se pepotal. In the first case, he managed to extract 730 grams of gold from Dubai.

This is by no means the first such case of gold from Dubai. For example, last August, customs in New Delhi found a mobile phone with one of the passengers, who instead of batteries had a plate of gold weighing 505 grams. In July this year, according to the Business Standard portal, the Indian series revealed that employees of airlines will also be involved in gold from the United Arab Emirates.

Imports of gold in India from a certain weight are taxed. Wrong about whether she’s transporting it to him or a woman. For him, the floor is golden and weighs more than 20 grams, and the limit is doubled.

Flights from Dubai do not attract Indian customs peaks just because of the gold. they often reveal an attempt to dig into the ground the pads of brand new iPhones. One of the last showers in this field was written in July, when 90 pieces of the iPhone 12 Pro with a thorn value exceeding one million rupees, ie in the amount of 291.5 thousand crowns, appeared in a total of those shipments, in which, according to the documents, garments were supposed to be found.