After Apple, Samsung also started to play with fire. He’s after no one

Apple started it a few weeks ago, Samsung joined and Xiaomi was angry. Firm defects about upcoming products. Which is logical, but their attempt to grind znm nike turns me against them.

It would be a surprise if some manufacturers could find the expected model and premier. Or go lpe to introduce an unexpected news. This only happens from a distance and the manufacturers themselves do not even care about such a thing. They talk more about the news, they logically have publicity. And mostly free.

Let us know in advance what Samsung will present at the big event on August 11 and what Apple’s new products will look like. And this includes many details. Of course, the public is not known much, but essential information is out well in advance.

For the premiere of the device itself, it is not very good, the mistakes are a moment surprised and, moreover, the competition will react in advance. You may have manufacturers who are involved in counterfeiting, even before the premiere, can offer remote copies of the expected products. They have nothing to do with them, but the basic shapes can easily copy you in advance.

This situation on the market prevails over a long period of time and some people have become famous. Many of them mine letters from the first offices, which warn them and even warn them not to be publicly avoided. Apple started with German niches, Samsung did not hesitate to warn the worlds of the greatest aces in the party with Evan Blass.

Several posts disappeared from their profile, usually on Twitter, but Evan Blass then posted tweets with new watches and headphones, which Samsung will present at the event on August 11th.

In addition, Samsung and Apple only reach the niche, thousands of people around the world, who receive content from them, do not pay attention yet. Xiaomi also hit the niches, but in this case it’s a bit different. Some newspapers and bloggers violated the embargo and published product information in advance. Xiaomi himself drank it for them under the contract. And this is a real problem that still has a lot of money to do.

Lost effort?

In the long run, neither Apple, nor Samsung, nor anyone else. The mobile market is attractive and globally extremely covered and monitored. Also, there are always new people, calmly anonymous, to which companies will only step.

Logically, this is offered by manufacturers to search for their products. What is easier to say, not granted. In fact, it is practically impossible to smooth it out. And at the arrest of the supply chain, the regulatory authorities that approve the products, and thousands of people who meet with the product long before the premiere.

These products are shown by the manufacturers themselves to their trading partners, samples are often available at local markets one week or less before the premiere. The phones are tested in one hundred operators, they also get into other hands. Although often in the form of mock-ups or semi-functional samples, but this does not matter for warehouse workers. Sometimes the samples are enclosed in unsightly cases so that the design cannot be determined, but today it is usually only in the first parts of the test rooms (for more see How T-Mobile tests mobile phones for Europe. It looks like a bunker). The sample is so much that the protective measures would be extremely expensive.

Two photos of these prototypes and samples often appeared. Today, I would dare to publish such photos with a gentleman from Asia, but the procedure is different. According to them, graphic artists drew renders that really can’t be determined where no one happened. Not only that due to defects, Apple and Samsung also contacted these graphics.