Apple crumb competition, the tablet is the world’s number one

According to research agency Counterpoint, it is a clear world leader in the Apple tablet market. Meziron stuck hard. Samsung and Lenovo also worked. Conversely, Huawei and men manufacturers make a drop in sales.

Tablets are one of the vtz coronaviruses of the pandemic. Once upon a time, there has been a lot of money in recent years. Simple assortment for u customer group. Sten has been replaced by mobile phones with magnifying screens, Sten tablets have paid for their very long life. Customers are different from mobile phones after many years.

Manufacturers innovate slowly, it is usually enough to introduce news in the ronm and delm cycle. And even so, the cheaper tablets are different from models of a generation and two older people. With the coronavirus pandas and especially with working from home, the situation has changed.

According to Counterpoint, sales in Meziron increased by almost 20 percent in 2020. And the last lot of quarters was the strongest for tablets in the last five years. This year, the interest in tablets does not slow down, in the first quarter the mezzanine was 53 percent higher, which is positive for the manufacturer at first. Counterpoint did not publish the specific bag, only market shares.

The manufacturers themselves are much smaller than mobile phones. Basically, offer them only those characters that started production at dvno. On the contrary, many manufacturers ignore this range, with the exception of Realme, which should introduce the tablet soon.

But these are just crumbs. According to smaller manufacturers, meziron has fallen sharply. Nor did Huawei, who ran 11 percent worldwide and was number three in the world last year, but this year he fell by two places and his share dropped to five percent.

It gave the effect of the US embargo. Although this does not have the same effect on tablets in the case of software as on mobile phones, there will be a major problem with the lack of systems.

Lenovo improved, for which meziron increased its market share from five to nine percent. About all of them is the world trio / rod Amazon with the same pod. So in Czech, the device of the world’s largest online retailer, which owns my ecosystem, was well known.

The first quarter was successful for Samsung, which improved by three percent of the last eight years at this year’s 20 percent. He is a clear world number two, but at first Apple is a big loss. Leton according to Apple is almost the same as the sum of the second Samsung, tetho / fourth Amazon and Lenov.

Apple simply dominates the tablet market. Meziron improved by seven percentage points in the first quarter, its current share is 37 percent. According to Couterpoint, sales of cheaper iPads account for the majority with a share of 56 percent. iPads Air and iPads srie Pro account for 19 and 18 percent of Apple’s tablet sales.