Apple natoil in Prague gave a spot. Felix matured in the application

Felix picks up with him in the cafes. Only a barista is watching him and sitting on a taxi to Nrodn td. The taxi immediately knows all of Felix’s personal details. He doesn’t get home, he has a descent of applied carrots.

Apple m Prague obviously rd. Ads here for a dark year. The latest promotes a new service that iPhone users can reject by tracking applications. The first scene takes place in the Kavre Mavo in the cracks of Dejvice, where the main character Felix takes a cup in a cup.

He then found his way to the National Theater, where he left the New Stage of the National Theater towards the center, to return to the place of departure and with the barista who sold it for him, as well as by taxi in a patch towards the National Theater buildings. Customers in the USA will probably not notice this illogical detail and the advertising is intended for them first, specifically the participating T-Mobile operator is in the headlines.

According to pbh, it continues in the bank and another series, in fact it is the hall of Prvnick, Faculty of Charles University. Felix then works his way from the store, where he feeds against yeast, to the Kotva department store, or to its rear wing. The crowd of embarrassment here comes from the multiple entrance of Kotva and from the main entrance to the Stock Exchange Thumb, then Felix with the whole crowd cross Rybná Street.

The rest of the pbhu will be played in the interior at Felix’s house, where everything is not full. Jene Felix turns off the iPhone and select the menu to turn off application tracking. What the problem is and the poisoning disappears.

The advertisement thus draws attention to a novelty, which allows owners of devices with iOS, primarily iPhon, to disable tracking applications. App Tracking Transparency didn’t appeal to French Internet advertising groups. But the French antitrust ad found it beneficial for users (for more see The function of the private protector is beneficial, the French ad acknowledged according to Apple).

Apple ads in the Czech Republic often, in recent years you have several outdoor spots. Mostly in Prague, but sometimes he looks around for other locations, such as the pedestrians in the Watch ad.

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