Huawei is confident. It’s bottom, pesto wants to be one

Huawei is under US embargo, which has virtually pushed it out of the world market. Current problems are also production for the domestic market, there are errors. Pesto is an optimistic company and, thanks to its strong development, it is drilling to the top.

nsk telecoms giant Huawei Technologies is not giving up and despite US sanctions it is finally drilling into the thorns of the smartphone market. Kuo Pching, the chairman of the board of directors, told Huawei employees during a recent meeting.

Former US President Donald Trump filed a blacklist in May 2019, making it difficult to buy according to technology of American origin. He argued that he was concerned about national security. Last year, the Trump administration limited society’s access to IPs developed and manufactured using American technology.

Everyone knows that phone chips need advanced technology of small size and low power consumption. Huawei is designing me, but no one will be able to produce them: we are trapped, said Kuo. He added, however, that the problem could be solved.

Huawei will continue to operate in the field of mobile phones, and with the help of constant progress in production, it has finally drilled into the thorn of smartphones, he concluded.

According to analyst company Canalys, Huawei, once the world’s biggest mercybook retailer, dropped out of the top five smart phone manufacturers in the German market for the first time in more than seven years. Among others, Vivo, Oppo and Xiaomi introduced it. Last year, Huawei was the number one, then the bag gradually descended.

Last year, Huawei sold the Honor phone division in the hope that it would be able to revive sales, when it separated from the company’s parent company sanctioned.

The company’s sales fell by 29 percent in the first half of this year, which is the largest decline in the company’s existence. Sales of the consumer division, which also includes smartphones, fell by 47 percent to 135.7 billion yen (455.4 billion K).

The combined Huawei company accuses krdee technology and suspects pioneer for the Czech government. But that is a long-term rejection of Huawei. Huawei’s management did not anticipate that the administration of the new US President Joe Biden would remove the company from the black list.