Millions of fans love him. Return to note, call petition Samsung

Samsung has disappointed its fans this year. f mobile division toti announced that instead of the introduction of Galaxy Note 21 its features to enrich other models. The user considers the notes to be a more significant flagship, not the Galaxy S series models.

Samsung’s mobile division director Tae Moon Roh confirmed at the end of July what has long been speculated about: there will be no new Galaxy Note this year. He informed about it just a few days before the big August event. According to him, the company preferred to expand the function to another device (for more see this year, do not wait for the new Note series mobile phones, confirmed by Samsung).

The global lack of IP, which also affected the mobile industry, also played a role in this decision. Manufacturers have no other option, not some models to prefer to others. Specifically, Samsung had to postpone the introduction of the Galaxy S21 FE model (for more, see the First Mobile in Case of a Shortage. Samsung has to postpone the model).

However, the SamMobile port did not intend to laugh with Samsung’s decision, hoping for two facts that the company informed about the unlisted model, that the series as such has not changed. Portl thus nostalgically recalled the loud notes, including the spade design with the Ultra building and the saw with the neotel idea. Namely, for Samsung to add the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series. For five years, it could introduce a new note, so the new galaxy would be postponed to 2023. In this way, Samsung could hit the lives of both flags of the series for one year, sweating supporters once, the next type of series.

The idea is interesting, but it is practically unlikely that Samsung would stick to such a strategy. However, this does not mean that the portal has established an online petition, which the South Korean manufacturer wants to at least push for the preservation of the Galaxy Note series. Respectively, to introduce its new representative in the first half of five years.

According to the Dutch portal LetsGoDigital, the original purpose of the petition was to collect 10,000 signatures. This goal was reached less than 24 hours after its founding. Cl was subsequently invited to a 25 thousand signature. The current goal at the time of writing this article was 50 thousand, with the fact that the petition was signed by almost 38.5 thousand people. Even if the statistics of the station were signed, it is not guaranteed that Samsung will take into account freely dissatisfied customers. However, at least this way you will see that the Galaxy Note series is not indifferent to people.

This year, at the traditional summer event Galaxy Unpacked, instead of the new generation Galaxy Note, Samsung presented a generation of folding models Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip. And the first Galaxy Z Fold 3 is the second model outside the Galaxy Note series, which supports the S Pen stylus. The first is the Galaxy S21 Ultra peak in mid-January (see M to replace it. We tried out how the pen works for the Galaxy S21).

The first extension of the stylus support to other models can be an imaginary softness in the coffin of the Galaxy Note series models. At the same time, there is the price aspect. While the current folding models are affordable compared to their previous prices, the peak notes would be sure to keep their price down. In time, a situation could arise where Samsung would offer two models of the series for practically similar prices. Until now, there were known price differences between the Galaxy S, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Z series, thanks to which they also clung to the user group.

The preservation of the Galaxy Note series in Samsung’s portfolio is currently very uncertain. This is largely due to the lack of ip in the global change, which puts many manufacturers ahead of Sophie’s choice. What is practically certain is that the Galaxy Note 21 model will not appear on the market. Last year, Samsung changed the knowledge of these models of the series, the farmhouse should abandon the year presented by the given generation. Therefore, if the notebook were to appear in Samsung’s menu for five years, it would most likely be marked Galaxy Note 22. It is assumed that, as in the case of the next generation, the next one would have two variants: the basic model and the model with the Ultra building.

Anyway, this would not be the first time that a number of notes were perennial. In the history of this series, these errors are made with a model with an end. After the introduction of the Galaxy Note 5 in 2015, the Note 7 model followed. The reason for the songwriting was unified with the general designation of the Galaxy S series. generation carrying in its name slo 20.