Samsung enters the smartphone market. He would sell vc, not ipy

Samsung has released data on its own smartphone sales in the Czech Republic for the first quarter of this year. Pat him 38 percent of the market.

Samsung has released data on its market share for the first three months of this year. The data comes from a survey by the GRP agency, which explicitly allowed Samsung to publish it. Only they are just behind this one feature, they do not mention the overall situation on the market at first.

Samsung is able to have 38 percent in the Czech market in the first quarter, and in April it was even 45 percent. Meziron improved by six percent in the first quarter of Samsung, and the entire market grew. Samsung states that it is strongest in the middle week, specifically in the category from 7,500 to 10,000 crowns. Here, Dr. Dvoutetinov pod from the entire market.

This is also the best-selling mobile phone in the Czech Republic in April, which is the Samsung A52. Of the expensive devices, the S21 model is the best from Samsung. Samsung states that it could also sell everything, but there are problems with the delivery of the device: Since the end of this year, we will still see high sales, but they are affected by the lack of ip. In practice, we could sell more, but we can’t, says Tom Balk, director of the mobile equipment division at Samsung Elecronics Czech and Slovak.

Accurate information on smartphone sales in the Czech market is practically unavailable. They are comprehensively monitored by the GRP agency, which does not publish the data, it is only available to manufacturers and sellers involved in the research. And even these GFK clients cannot publish them without their consent.

We can only estimate the results of the Czech market. Although there are speculations of other agencies, they often mention the so-called sell-in sla, ie in stock, not the sale to end customers (sell-out). Therefore, sometimes the data is known to be distorted, because you have some features in the Czech distribution center for all countries. This affects you with the introduction of the Canalys agency.

IDG agency sells sales for the whole region, ie for the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. It can only be known to me, there may be known differences between countries.

According to an estimate by the editorial office, Xiaomi is the second largest feature on the Czech market, with a share of about 25 percent. Tet will be Apple with a pellet of 15 percent. Last year, Huawei was number two, but this year the US embargo on its sales affects a lot of things. Globln is Samsung’s number one beat, Apple’s number two and Xiaomi’s aunt. Complete data for the first year of the quarter can be found here.