The EU will only charge with USB-C assistance, Brussels suggested to dream of waste

A single charger should be used in the Union to recharge your phone and tablet, the European Commission has proposed. According to them, manufacturers should unite on the USB-C standard. The change would most affect Apple, which has an iPhone connector.

In the future, a single charge should be needed to recharge any mobile phone or tablet sold in the European Union. The European Commission today presented a draft of the rules, all manufacturers will have to comply with the USB-C standard. According to the EU executive, the unification of the ends of its cable can make life easier for customers and reduce the volume of electronic waste.

The design also requires that manufacturers do not add a charge to each device, as has been the case so far. Fully supported by most MEPs, it has been criticized two times by Apple, which is likely to affect more than the competition. In essence, as the only manufacturer on the market, it has a lightning port that uses all its modern smartphones. For most new tablets, the bag is USB-C.

With more and more devices, there are sales and giving offers that cannot be tied to other devices or are not necessary, the Thierry Breton Commission of the Internal Market Commission justified the initiative of Brussels. The new rules are to apply not only to phones and tablets, but also to electronic devices, cameras, speakers and wireless headphones.

The Commission has been working on a common standard of chargers for many years, and so far it has managed to change several plates with one manufacturer, two used terminals to three. If the day of the proposal is supported by the European Parliament and the Member States, the sale of other types, not USB-C, will end within a few years. Manufacturers will also sell supplies separately from the device.

MEPs called on her to adopt similar rules and await their approval. Apple, on the other hand, is opposed in various reasons. According to the proposal, it limits consumers’ choice and brakes of innovation.

Some manufacturers sell smartphones without chargers. Apple will not supply offers for all iPhones made since last autumn, ie from the 12 series and older models made since June 2020. Samsung has grown two offers for its premium models S21 and current new products with flexible display Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3. These are the devices for at least 20 thousand crowns.

The interesting thing is that the offers are not packaged by some of the manufacturers, but so far only for goods intended for the domestic market. The same models sold in Europe are packaged in May. Manufacturers usually derive this for ecological reasons. Without chargers, the phone is packaged, so it is for transport and it is assumed that the people have charges from older models.

Only at first glance, the logical arguments have high cracks. They were analyzed by the well-known youtuber Arun Maini, who first points out that in the end, the lack of packaging in the package means a lot of ecological footprint. Details in link: Eko blam. Manufacturers of mobile id customers under the ecological line.

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