The hacker introduced the most dangerous USB cable. Don’t recognize him from the original

As early as 2019, security experts warned against using public chargers and a cable from strangers to charge their smartphones. The user thus has two vans of valuable data. This threat petrvv. In addition, both may not hold the suspicion, the dangerous cable may look the same as the original.

A hacker, appearing under the pseudonym MG, demonstrated a modified Lightning cable at the DEF CON hacking conference about two years ago, which, when connected to a Mac, allowed him to gain remote control over the device. In addition, the malware could be erased for a long time, thus erasing all traces of its existence. The user should not forget that the charging cables are also used for data transmission (for more see Beware of Public Charges. Two more valuable data, warn experts).

Portl Forbes now informed that eMike Grover, the hacker MG in the change, introduced the innovated O.MG Lightning. This is a huge copy of the original cable from Apple, which poses a known risk to users. According to Grover, Apple’s charging cable was the biggest call, mainly due to precise processing and the darkness of the city.

Pesto was able to put technology into it. which, for example, allows a potential tonka to gain access to private wi-fi and paid loit. The Keylogger edition created especially for keyboards with removable cables then, thanks to the ability to play keystrokes to recognize the password and the content of communication, can store in its own file and 650 thousand holes in the keyboard.

At the same time, a new user does not have time to recognize that he did not get the original Apple product in his hand, but a seriously dangerous charging cable, the hacker is behind it. In the case of an O.MG cable, it doesn’t matter if you connect it to a public USB charger or to your own adapter. It can connect to the Internet and start when it is connected to a human device.

Forbes notes that these cables were originally designed to be connected to computers, to which the user connected a smartphone for charging and synchronization. Not only iPhones are at risk, but also many other devices, including those with Android. In May, Grove introduced the same enhanced USB-C cable.

Its cables could be purchased for $ 120 (2.5 thousand crowns) on the Hak5 port (the cable from the Keylogger edition costs $ 160, ie about 3.3 thousand crowns), so the change in their case prevented the ability toit on smartphones during their charging and synchronization. The owner of the cable has a very limited possibility to misuse, especially as a clear example of the vulnerability of valuable data.

In this way, Grover wanted to point out that if he could adjust the charger cables this way, others would be able to do it. And first of all, there is danger, potentially tonics will not boast of their skill. Forbes noted that this technology is becoming more and more accessible to the sweat of the people, and for a long time it has been a popular tool, especially for a number of news agencies.

One of Grover’s goals is the growing awareness of various companies about the security of sensitive digital data, with which it conducts effective flows against employees with the goal of embezzling their data. His replacement is not accidental. It can be assumed that a potential target hacker who would like to turn through such modified cables will not be the so-called small fish, but on the contrary large companies. They are especially interested in tons of accounts with a duty to draw from them did not have the funds to own them.

According to Grover, a new user probably doesn’t come across this type of threat at all, there are many easier ways to deal with user data. It shows, however, that toners are able to adjust through a modified cable. Always pay a warning that even a smartphone user should use only such cables to charge them, they do not have to doubt their origin. So you are the original.