The most expensive mobile phone costs two million. Would you like m?

Less than two million crowns is a relatively sunny sum, for which you can do a lot of joy. You travel around the world for the whole family, a luxurious family, a cottage and an old family house. Or you can invest this connection in a SIM with a unique phone number. This is no joke, one of these is really for me.

Do you think that your phone number should be 777 717 777? In the middle of the unit, it happens a bit of damage, but the magic of this power and so a terrible damage. This is also proved by the amount that the seller sells for him. But there are also exceptions, in their case you can not do without a substantial tonjho financial amount.

The portal, or rather its operator Jan Rosenkranc, which is also behind other websites interested in the sale of easy-to-remember telephone silos, has this specific price of 1,815,000 crowns (1.5 million without taxes). It is currently the most expensive in the offer, the kind of most expensive is to me for a tetanus price. In his case, the bag is a fixed line: for the number of 222 252 222 sellers 605 thousand crowns, ie half a million crowns without taxes.

If we stay the same for mobile homes, then the current second drama is a word with a repeated double number 07. Specifically, 607 070 707 (respectively 607 07 07 07), for which the seller requires 484 thousand crowns (400 thousand crowns without taxes).

An easy-to-remember telephone phone appears to be a lucrative source of income. The wrong bag, if there is anyone at all who is willing to pay a murderous amount for such a unique part of the second hand compared to the service provided by the operator, would have a different shape. Opertoi usually pay about six thousand crowns for such a fee (for more, see the Golden Telephone Phone, they can make the sun).

Each case is only one bag. And this is the main reason for some of them being second-hand to me for often really high. For the average user, this is practically an uninteresting offer, even in these groups there would probably be some exceptions. Such salts are more interesting for sole proprietors and small entrepreneurs. In particular, they are such a target group of people who had such sales.

They can be a means of getting to the attention of potential customers. An easy-to-remember sequence of slices, and in the case of a logical sequence, their mirroring and repetitive sessions, can be to the benefit of the business: such a memory is much easier than a regular telephone.

Lb is the most expensive mobile for two million crowns?

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