You can also see an ideal phone for stamps quite cheaply. But protect him

Star children can choose the phone themselves. The most durable device is ideal for the young. Only such mobile phones are expensive, so it is necessary to find a compromise and come up with suitable accessories.

On the one hand, the mobile phone has most stamps, especially the youngest ones in the first ranks of the basic rounds, they are quite common than preschoolers. On the other hand, we know the birth of the theory that mobile phones are stupid and not suitable for them. In addition, the mobile phone sometimes brno i koly.

Let us not allow the Twenty General Council to be individual. But let’s allow myself common sense, even though it is a bit profaned in the daytime. So first of all, the use of mobile phones must be regulated.

A mobile phone can be considered a good companion if you set clear rules with your child. In case of an emergency, I can call for help, and last but not least, today the mobile phone is simply an essential part of life (and the Internet as a whole), so if it can learn to coexist appropriately, it is simply part of its education.

For the elements of a hundred mobile phones

We will argue that for our billion children did not have a mobile phone. Almost no one usually had it, because by the middle of the nineties it was a specialty for the rich and very rich. And the young parents will be especially understood in t.

And how to choose a mobile phone? Children often give birthdays. Only the element can come from the iPhone after my birth, but it doesn’t have to be a good mobile for it. A cheap ordinary mobile phone is suitable for the youngest bowling. At first they will not seem to be interested and for the possibility of contact it is usually a mobile phone. The key can be easily hidden for speed dialing under individual keys and children will not spend hours on the phone playing games or the Internet. Not that both stupid cell phones wouldn’t allow, but that’s when, just their emergency addition to the service.

Ordinary mobile phones are cheap, at around 500 crowns, and it is actually worth buying expensive. The equipment is almost the same for everyone. The Vdr battery is excellent with regard to the capabilities of these devices, which is a clear plus. The phones are light and small. Usually they don’t hurt them that much, we probably won’t avoid emu at dt. And even if the damage, a few hundred crowns can be easily oelet. You can also see durable push-up phones in the thousand-crown crowns, which are also in place.

As soon as children learn to eat and start, they probably start to crave a smartphone. If you let them, and it won’t be anything from your outfit at the used machine, then follow the rules below.

In principle, it is not necessary to buy expensive phones at all, it is appropriate to buy the cheapest, under three thousand crowns, and give the model board up to 4,000 crowns. Think of accessories in the form of a screen protector and a good cover. These are hundred-crown items that will definitely pay off with a child’s mobile phone. In addition, the offspring can glue the device to their taste.

Parametrov minimum

When choosing a smartphone, you read the following minimum parameters: HD display, 3 GB of RAM, 64 GB of user space and a battery with a capacity of 4,500 mAh.

Displaydleit is different

Don’t buy different HDs, after all, they only have really simple devices that are not worth it. On the contrary, under 4,000 crowns you will see ui phones with FHD resolution. It is logically better, but it is definitely not necessary. You can’t choose the size of the flap, the overwhelming phone in the given price category has a flap around 6.5 inches. They don’t change today, or they have durable smartphones, but they are big and tk.

Operant pumpminimum 3 GB

Here plat m vc, tm lpe. In the price category you will find phones with 2 and 4 GB. We recommend a minimum of 4 GB.

Uivatelsk pamm you have lpe

Here, pay basically the same as u operan memory. The cheapest mobiles have 16 GB, which is small for today’s parties, so because the size mentioned will take the operating system. He gave the option to be 32 GB, but today buy a phone with 64 GB memory for a good pension. And that would be a child u stait mlo. Memory can be smashed in a crushing memory card, but this is a few hundred more crowns and the risk that the offspring will lose it.

Processorhe just had differences

You will not get performance ip at these price levels. Roughly, your phone will have a better processor, but don’t expect any differences. We would avoid the UNISOC SC9863A ip from the German manufacturer, on the contrary, its ip T700 has incorrect parameters within the given category. At the cheapest is the golden center of Mediatek Helio G35.

Batteryfor at least one day of operation

Manufacturers of cheap smartphones have a great benefit for customers with a large battery. Also, our minimum of 4,500 mAh meets a large amount of equipment and very often you get a link with a capacity of over 5,000 mAh or more. That’s enough for a day of operation, even with a reservation.

Cameranedleit poloka

Each of the phones that meets the specified minimums will have a photo camera, even at the front. The main one will have a multi-lens. Their parameters are not significant, the number of peaks scans cannot be expected in this category, nor is it significant.

He gave functionsteka imprint

As part of our parameters, all LTE devices will have what is necessary for the Internet today. They also have wi-fi. It is necessary that the phone is secured, for which the most convenient fingerprint. And even all the mobile phones from our collection meet it, even at the limit of 4,000 crowns, we can also find devices with a flow in the display. But in our case, this is a necessary tweak.

eho to avoidcheapest not to take

Buy the cheapest smartphones on the market from thousands of crowns. Their parameters are a lot of things. They have low resolution displays, low memory and some do not support LTE.