Not ready to work from home? You can do it with our advice

For someone pr tdn, for others msce, for he gave it forever. The phenomenon of working from home or from anywhere, which in recent years has supported the development of related technologies, has now been accelerated by the threat of covid-19. Pinme advice on how to deal quickly with a new situation.

Warning: The advice given in this article will be tricky for many of our students. This bag is not a link for our typical skin, but for all those who have put the kind of coronavirus wave into an unusual situation and have to deal with technical complications, otherwise they would not have to go at all.

The word acceleration was probably the most common word on Fujitsu’s Global Keynote. Covid-19 accelerates many two gradual developments and technicalities, among which work for a long time. Some companies tried these options and used two of them, and for them, the transfer of employees to the home environment was practically painless. For other companies, this transition was much more difficult in the five years, you would have worked on it in this way, but the advent of covid-19 and the need to reduce social contacts while maintaining their functioning has greatly accelerated this process.

Pro tm zanme? Because working from home does not have to be a temporary phenomenon for five weeks or months. For many companies, the current standard of the company has become office space, which will then not be designed for all employees. In the various work areas, the darkness will meet as needed, but most of the time when I work alone at the pot, they may be in your home or cottage first. Prepare a suitable working environment and the ground will give me a twin not only for the coming weeks, but also give the working phase.

Ergonomics of the workplace

A laptop placed on a dining table or coffee table, which, let’s face it, is today the most common configuration of a temporary workplace in the home, is a recipe for problems with walls and tread. In the same way, the bar is suitable for sitting times eight hours a day and five days a week. You can’t avoid certain investments here, but pay off. And if you have pain after the past few days, you will find a lot of advice on how to get rid of them in the Zdav section.

The ergonomic office chair is a base, just like the worktop at a height of 6070 centimeters depending on the height of the figure. But we do not have centimeters, the result is that when writing on the keyboard, your paws with the forearm should turn hel 90, the torso with thighs so 90 and the end of the thigh with calves so 90.

How to spr

The largest rock should be a laptop, the head should be upright and the upper edge of the screen should be in more than one way. You can do this in three ways.

Place the notebook on a special stand (it will send a piece of paper in an emergency, but it will not be elegant), thanks to which you will not lean towards the display. At that moment, you have to buy a keyboard and we, because the laptop and touchpad keyboards will be out of comfortable reach. Buy a set of keyboards and mice for connection with a USB cable from about 300 K for basic models, sets with a wireless connection start at about 400 K, but we would like to prepare at least 8001 200 K for quality models.

The second option is to leave the laptop on the table, but buy a monitor to which you point the image. With regard to the comfort of work and the price day, we would choose a monitor with a size of 24 ″ and 27 ″, in each case with FullHD resolution for men, QHD resolution for vt version. We would choose a version with a matte screen surface (minimizes unpleasant glare), with an IPS or VA panel. We would choose a model with HDMI and DisplayPort connectors, it will satisfy most needs in the future, only if you have a really old laptop that offers only analog VGA D-SUB, then look for a model with this connector. Prepare 2,5004,000 K for purchase.

This and the best option is the combination in the above, buy a suitable monitor, keyboard and we, let the laptop sit sideways (practically in the role of a regular desktop computer). Whether you use its display as a kind of monitor or turn it off, try it for yourself.

If you are not alone in the home, headphones, casual wireless and casual ambient noise suppression will be more suitable than the speakers. Not only will you not disturb the surroundings, but first of all you will not disturb the surroundings vs. If you choose the variant with microphones, make calls and video conferences with them via Skype, Slack, Teams or other devices. You just don’t forget that you have to charge them once every hour – it should be up to about after five hours, the big one with the main bridge will last two working days.

Connected to the internet

If you have problems with the power of Wi-Fi in remote hundreds of households, we recommend that you take a look at this article, where we explain the various options for solving this problem, from locating your existing router during repeated installation and after installing mesh. We tried a mesh router, the most high-tech een.

The notebook is connected to the easiest, except for those fully musical pieces, they are all equipped with a wi-fi card. It can happen that in the old laptop there will be a card supporting only old and slow wireless standards, if the speed is not enough, you can try to replace the card with a new one. If you are unsure about such a montron horse, choose an external USB card, which you just plug into the USB slot. Dual band (2.4 and 5 Ghz) USB card costs from 400 K in.

Conversely, if you need to connect the laptop to the router with a cable – which is of course the most reliable option – and you did not find a suitable connector on it, you can use a USB card to replace the missing port. Buy them from about 350 K.

It can be complicated with a desktop computer, where the wireless connection very often errors. To connect to the router, you need an Ethernet UTP Patch cable with RJ-45 connectors. If the router is far away, you can use a pair of powerline adapters. Connect the cable from the router to one powerline adapter and plug it into a socket. Connect the type of adapter with the data cable to the computer card and plug it into the socket. Adapters begin to communicate with each other and send data over the ends of the electrical wiring.

Even a desktop computer can be equipped with the possibility of a wireless connection, either with the same USB adapter as with a laptop, special PCI, or PCIe network card, which is a better option and, unlike a laptop on a desktop, it is much easier. The two-way card with external antennas will cost about 900 K, in combination with Bluetooth, spend approximately 300 K more, and you can also connect wireless headphones to your old desktop.

Lack of hardware

If your household started to suffer from a lack of functional packaging equipment and ordering a new one from the e-shop is not feasible at this moment, we have a few tips for you. For example, you can try to revive her set aside laptop and table sweat, we have prepared the instructions in this article – Make a sweat for ejecting sweat for work and clothes.

You can buy a so-called refurbishment, which is usually a computer and laptop purchased from companies after a generic exchange of equipment, which a specialized company cleans, tests, replaces defective and worn parts, on a new license for the current operating system and again with a cancel. It is a way to get to the sun potai with a very modest spread. We tried one of these as part of our test of cheap laptops – Some of the cheapest laptops are not even recommended by the manufacturer. We tried them.

Surprisingly, webcams are again sold out in some stores. We wrote how to replace it a bit do-it-yourself in the April line – Webcams are sold out. But you can also make it from your smartphone.

And if you get into a hardware emergency, a lot of things can be done today with a tablet and a smartphone. We wrote here about what to replace in the dock in an emergency – Nemm scanner, nemm PC, nemm wi-fi. Eight trick to spn peit in distress.

Calm down

One of the benefits of working from home is peace of mind. Nobody walks around, doesn’t call from the next table, doesn’t want anything or anything at any time.

The previous paragraph can stop paying as soon as the children stay at home. Therefore, you can optimally create a workplace in a room where you can lock the door behind you and work in peace. The effort of children to follow these two is then indirectly inconsistent with the consistency of education. And the same efforts of girls, husbands and others are perhaps a matter of agreement.