The Polish border region received two special aircraft L 410 from Kunovice

In the second half of June, the Polish border was taken over at the base in Gdańsk by two L 410 UVP-E20 aircraft in the patrol version. It thus enriched its aircraft fleet. In a long-prepared tender, the Kunovice L 410 increased it at the end of 2018.

The L 410 aircraft were selected on the basis of their parameters, which is at the forefront among small transport aircraft. Their warehouse will be directly in Gdańsk, where a new hangr was built for them with all the technical and first equipment. The L 410 aircraft will be used to monitor the borders and the Polish coast, but they will take part in the missions of the European agency Frontex, which ensures the protection of the external border of the European Union, said Ilona Plkov, CEO of Aircraft Industries.

In addition to reliable operation and easy gossip, the aircraft primarily meets the requirements for range, long airborne air and thanks to its spacious cabins, it was possible to install in the fuselage all the equipment necessary for the activities of the operator.

The production process of this specialized version consisted of two stages. The first stage was the production of the aircraft in Kunovice, followed by the construction of special equipment in Germany. In addition to two pilots, I will be on board each aircraft and five other specialists.


The patrol version of the L 410 aircraft is designed for patrolling and tracking movement on land, sea and in the air. Modern observer equipment was supplied by the German company Aerodata. The most important were the 360 ​​Osprey 30 radar and the MX-15 EO / IR camera. The signals from individual devices can be carefully analyzed by the opertorm system Medusa. Radars are used to identify objects on the surface of water, the ground and in the air, and the long-distance observation system allows the opertorm to display objects at a distance of about 15 kilometers.

According to Osdka, there is a satellite communication system available, which can penetrate data in real time in the form of short films and images and ensures communication in various areas of the sea.


New L 410 UVP-E20 in patrol version for the Polish border side (the aircraft during the Czech civil matriculation tests).

The aircraft lasted several days and included both a thorough inspection of the aircraft, ground equipment and documentation, as well as airplanes of the aircraft itself and the functions of the individual devices installed.

Aircraft polsk pohranin stre

Kunovick’s three-hundred-year-olds have been expanding their portfolio of aircraft from the Polish border region, which currently (2020) has eight other aircraft and seven helicopters.

In the same category as the L 410, ie hldkov-przkumn (in the original patrol-recognition), I have one example of the PZL M28B bis type.

PZL M18 v patrolovac
PZL M18 v patrolovac

PZL M18 in patrol version of polsk storage stre

This type continues with the name of single-engine aircraft search-search engines (in the original patrollowo-poszukiwawcze), which currently represents five Polish fighters called Wilga, of course in a special version of the PZL-104MF Wilga 2000, and two patina modified and equipped with engines glider ASP Shoho St15-1 of origin.

Many aircraft are completed in one piece type PZL M-20 Mewa, which is used for passenger transport or as a trainer. This is a licensed type for the composition of the American machine Pep Seneca II.

PZL-104 in patrolman


PZL M-20 Mewa polsk

PZL M-20


PZL Kania


Eurocopter EC 135

The helicopters are then represented by a PZL Kania forming machine (PZL Kania is a modernized type developed from the Soviet Mi-2 design), one PZL W-3AM Anaconda machine and one machine of French-German origin Eurocopter EC 135 P3H in the role of a search engine. And again we have to pipet one cvin American Robinson R44.