/They quit smoking thanks to Tobacco Free Month: one year later, here’s where they stand
They Quit Smoking Thanks To Tobacco Free Month: One Year

They quit smoking thanks to Tobacco Free Month: one year later, here’s where they stand

The challenge launched to smokers by the Ministry of Health starts each year on November 1. Here is the review of the one launched last year.

"how i quit smoking"

“I feel totally liberated. I wouldn’t go back for anything in the world. ” Emmanuelle is 35 years old, twenty of them from tobacco and one from weaning. In 2017, she lit her last cigarette thanks to the Tobacco-free month, a challenge from the Ministry of Health which offers smokers to stick together by quitting smoking in the month of November. To help them get off the hook, a stopping aid kit, a mobile application, Facebook exchange groups or a telephone number (38 39) are available to them.

Are these tools used by smokers? Is the Tobacco Free Month effective? On the occasion of the third edition of the operation, which began Thursday, November 1, franceinfo spoke with Emmanuelle, Claire, Sarah and Raphaël, who responded to our call for testimonials. Like 158,000 people, they followed the Tobacco Free Month in 2017. A year later, here is what they have become.

“Cough”, “insomnia”, “nightmares”

In order to from put all the chances on their side, several of them had use of tools from Tobacco service info. Claire also benefited for several months from telephone appointments with a tobacco specialist, contacted via the 38 39: “She asks you questions about how you feel (…) and based on your answers, she gives you advice, she supports you. ” The three women also used nicotine replacement therapy to start a more “Serene” : patches for Claire and Sarah, electronic cigarette for Emmanuelle.

For everyone, the first days were the most difficult. “I did not expect certain symptoms which are however very common: an increase in coughing, insomnia, nightmares”, remembers Claire in particular. “Sharing all this in a group really helps”, she believes. The urge to talk about his experience with others persisted after Tobacco Free Month, and Emmanuelle therefore launched her own Facebook group in winter 2017, once those offered by Tabac info service were put to sleep. As it is on Facebook, there is no value judgment, we do not know each other not, assures Claire, who is a member of the group. We’re just on the same boat, and we help each other. ”

“We find a form of freedom”

A year later, three of our four smokers have won their bet. Emmanuelle, Claire and Raphaël have not touched a cigarette since November 2017. After a month of hiatus, Sarah has relapsed because of a “Family dispute” : “I smoked a cigarette, then two, then three… As I had already quit a month, I thought my recovery was just fleeting. But in fact, not at all ”, regrets the one who relaunched the challenge this year. Raphaël abounds: “We cannot say to ourselves: ‘Just one, that will not call everything into question’. Yes, that calls everything into question. ”

Today, their daily lives have changed. “I didn’t believe it, but as soon as you wake up you feel great”, recognizes Claire, who had “Rather used to [se] get up with a little headache or a feeling of tiredness ”. “The end of the month is less complicated: I save around 280 euros”, also rejoices Emmanuelle. But for all, the most important benefit is “The feeling of having conquered an addiction, Claire explains. When we smoke, we don’t necessarily realize it, but we are (…) really a lot of slaves to cigarettes. When we manage to let go of this bond, we find a form of freedom and it’s very soothing, very serene. ”