/Tobacco Free Month: the benefits of “emulation between smokers”
Tobacco Free Month: The Benefits Of “emulation Between Smokers”

Tobacco Free Month: the benefits of “emulation between smokers”

The fourth edition of the Month Without Tobacco is launched on November 1, while Public Health France reveals that this operation doubles the chances of quitting smoking for a year.

Tobacco Free Month: the benefits of a

On November 1, “your new life begins”! This is the promise of the Tobacco-Free Month operation, which the French Ministry of Solidarity and Health and Public Health, in partnership with the Health Insurance, are organizing for the fourth year throughout the month of November.

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A supportive community

On the eve of its launch, the operation already had nearly 158,000 participants. But how can this collective movement help to quit smoking? “This movement arouses emulation among smokers”Explains tobacco specialist Olivier Smadja, responsible for Tabac Info Service. “They will then form a kind of community and share their “tips and tricks” to successfully overcome the irrepressible urge to smoke. .”

Another asset: the Mois Sans Tabac campaign, which is causing a stir nationally, provides smokers with tools to help them, such as kits and brochures. It also involves health professionals who will be mobilized to support all smokers in their process, during the Tobacco Free Month, but also afterwards.

An environment compatible with smoking cessation

The ideal is to get started with colleagues, friends or as a couple: “overall, a collective movement followed by relatives improves the chances of success because it has a direct impact on the smoker’s environment”Reveals Olivier Smadja. Fewer fellow smokers who offer a break, fewer friends who offer a cigarette… Some “motivational events”And which are more frequent when one decides to quit smoking.

In short, getting involved in a group “helps make the smoker’s environment more compatible with quitting smoking and strengthens the smoker’s ability to believe in his or her chance for success”Specifies the tobacco specialist. Gold, “the more we think we are going to succeed, the more chance we have of succeeding“.

Chances of quitting doubled

And this can be seen in the figures: according to Public Health France which publishes its results of follow-up to one year of the participants, the device doubles the chances of stopping. Indeed, among the smokers who made an attempt to quit in November 2016 during the first edition of the Mois Sans Tabc, 6% to 10% of them were still abstinent a year later, whereas the rates usually observed in the scientific studies are 3% to 5% when trying to quit without outside help. In other words, stopping smoking during the operation doubles the success of smoking cessation at one year.

One month to become and stay non-smoker

And if every month of the year is a good month to quit smoking, November is a good month. : “smokers naturally make attempts to quit smoking in January and September for the good resolutions of the new year and back to school, or in May on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day”Recalls Olivier Smadja. But in November, “there was no flashing to make smokers quit smoking”Remarks the tobacco specialist. This is now done with the Tobacco Free Month. Especially since in the fall, “we frequent the café terraces less and there are fewer festive moments even though coffee and alcohol call for cigarettes”Notes the specialist. An observation that can therefore facilitate weaning.

And the duration of the Tobacco Free Month is no coincidence: “after 30 days, the strongest signs of smoking cessation are exceeded”Notes Olivier Smadja. It then becomes easier to remain non-smoker.